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  1. Have a look at a Hawke Airmax Compact 30 sf ir. Good clear glass, 30mm tube, illuminated reticle, side focus via a 3 inch side wheel. I have them on two of my rifles and can't fault them. One is a 4-16x44 and the other is a 6-24x50. I believe they also do a 3-12x40 depending on what you want to use them for and what your budget is. They are also short enough to use on a break barrel as well as a pre-charge. Edit: These scopes are second focal plane. If you want first focal plane then you will have to go the Side Winder route and a significant / size/ weight/ price increase.
  2. I've been today (Friday). There were no signs on site directing Shooting Show traffic to any of the carparks. We ended up in North 4 carpark more by luck than judgment, and yes it is free parking. Last year they used 3 halls, this year they are using 5, so it's a bit more spread out. I managed to see everything I wanted to quite comfortably without feeling like a tinned sardine although it did get stuffy after a couple of hours or so. As previously mentioned it's a good idea to take some food unless you fancy a Wetherspoons. Anyway I managed to give the credit card a workout so I'm now off to
  3. I'm still a bit undecided about my vote direction this coming Thursday. I've obviously taken into consideration what I consider to be the following swaying points on the two main parties. On the one hand the Conservative Boris Johnson is a bit of a rascal with the ladies and can sometimes bend the truth a bit, he’s also a bit posh. And on the other hand.. Labours Jeremy Corbyn Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing. Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna. Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Ra
  4. Quite some time ago a forum member (I forget his name) had his vehicle stolen with his dog inside it and was naturally distraught by this as anyone would be. He was more concerned about what would happen to the dog than his vehicle. The poor chap was in bits when he posted this. Does anyone remember an outcome, did he ever find the dog or recover his vehicle? I hope he found both. It's not good to loose a vehicle but worse to lose a dog as they become part of the family. I'm not trying to be insensitive, just curious.
  5. I have a 95k in .22 which I bought new in march and am well pleased with it. I gave it a good shake in the shop and nothing rattled which boded well. It is smooth to cock, the barrel lock up is as it should be and it's a lot more accurate than I am on a diet of superdomes. The Rekord trigger is one of the best on the market and can be adjusted to suit if required, and there are no nasty twangs shooting it. The only way to shoot springers is to use the "artillery hold". Don't grip it too tight, just let it rest in your hands and don't ram it into your shoulder as you want "contro
  6. Cheers walshie, they look worth investigating.
  7. SPAS 15 I can't get your link to work. I get a "connection error" and "internet explorer cannot display the web page" messages. Thanks all the same. Chris John Nibbs only seems to stock Bisley barrel clamps and Best Fittings only do stud fittings for pcp rifles, nothing for break barrel rifles. Thanks for your reply and I can lay my hands on some rubber strip so hopefully that is one problem sorted.
  8. I'm trying to find a decent barrel clamp sling swivel to fit on a Weihrauch HW95k with a barrel diameter of 16mm. I bought a Bisley thinking it would be OK, but it is too tight and I don't want to mark the barrel when sliding it on and I wasn't particularley impressed with the quality. Are split band QD clamps worth considering and what could you use to wrap the barrel with under the clamp to protect the bluing? Any suggestions/recommendations please gents? P.S. I can't find anything in the search facility.
  9. It seems a better illustration of the situation
  10. Is this what you are referring to? Cudenove Kalergi ? http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-genocide-of.html
  11. Thanks for clearing up that. It does appear to be a bit daft in so much as I can purchase a virtual replica in 4.5mm BB and pellet, but not in 6mm airsoft......unless registered or Dayglo...... but there you go.
  12. As I understand it anyone over 18 can buy a co2 powered 4.5mm BB or pellet firing pistol without being a member of an approved organisation. However, if I want to buy a co2 powered 6mm airsoft pistol for example, I must be a registered 'Skirmisher', before being allowed to buy one. Can someone more knowledgeable on this subject, say if this is true or not? Thanks.
  13. She was probably 'lured' away by a tory MP with a couple of chicken legs and a Maccy Dees
  14. Thankyou for all your replies. It seems that Hawke is the recommended way to go for most of you. I've had all sorts on various PCP's, but the Tracker is the first springer I've owned since a BSA Meteor as a lad more years ago than I care to remember.
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