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  1. M.I.A

    Alan Henning

    RIP. Just a caring guy trying his make a difference to the world. :(
  2. Hi it comes as standard (go pro 3+ black edition) with the waterproof case and a back panel that has slots in it (not waterproof but allows for better sound quality) I can't comment if other models come with the same but I would of thought so!
  3. Hi I purchased a go pro a few months ago. Best little gadget I've purchased, I've used mine in many situations and the footage it captures is amazing. mime came with the water proof case to boot!
  4. The flies were awful. Thanks for the comments everyone.
  5. This is my first recording/video attempt whilst Decoying. Shot over a few hours in 2 locations a few months ago (starting to get the hang of the video editing software) I used 12 flocked decoy shells and a bouncer, shot using RC2 28g 6 shot through 1/2 and 3/4 chokes (my preferred combo) Only a short video as I didn't get much footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LDdDfOvT8g&app=desktop edit cant for the life of me embed this video
  6. This is an original DVD not a knock off. Thanks
  7. For sale as above, in great condition £12 all in Great DVD, Makes you look forward to those amazing days out decoying. Picture is off the net as is the below description, but item is identical. "Jim Alborne and friends enjoy Britain's world famous pigeon shooting using the latest state-of-the-art equipment: The Pigeon Magnet. Watch as huge numbers of pigeons attack the magnet on some of Britain's best pigeon fields."
  8. Hi we have recently acquired a new (to us) property the house is rural and is surrounded by fields (of which I have permission on woo hoo) we have Mowes the lawns and we have discovered serveral holes in the ground. Typical of a rat burrow. What's the best course of action? Thanks
  9. M.I.A

    iPhone 4 8GB

    http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b624/drobinson22250/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140210_192552994_zpscsj6z6s3.jpg Hope this works Thanks
  10. M.I.A

    iPhone 4 8GB

    For sale good used condition with box and charger. Locked to tmobile how ever should be ok with ee and orange £120 ono
  11. Hi Ben, Just enquired for another chap. Its £36 inclusive of VAT Regards M.I.A
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