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  1. I support the BLM protests. Participants “take the knee”, I suspect, for a wide variety of reasons and in doing so draw attention to the issue of racism in a dignified and restrained fashion. Those posters who characterise George Floyd as a “known criminal” are correct, insofar as he had a criminal record. However, his life was brought to an end by the actions of a group of police officers, one of whom gratituously knelt on his neck for eight minutes while his life ebbed away and his colleagues looked on. That he was a “known criminal” is irrelevant: is it right that anyone s
  2. I quite like the BBC. I’m not blind to their faults, and I will concede that they have many. However, on balance, they perform a useful service. Their coverage of news and current affairs at least attempts to be consistent and convey factual information. I’ve had cause to complain about their “take” on current events many times in the past, and I will undoubtedly have occasion to do so in the future, but in the grand scheme of things they provide a service which would be sorely missed if it were to cease. A TV channel which consistently reports current affairs or world events
  3. That’s right, you’re guessing. You have no new insight or hard facts, merely speculation and prejudice. Let’s wait for some information and evidence.
  4. Thank you for this penetrating and astute analysis. The three countries which joined the European Union in the 90’s were Sweden, Finland and Austria. Backward you say? That part of the island of Ireland which is currently part of the UK cannot even manage a dual carriageway between its two largest cities, Belfast and Derry, which are a mere seventy miles apart. Backward?
  5. If you are a black person and are continually pulled over by the police although you are not involved in criminal activity, at what point are you entitled to become disgruntled or uncooperative? The third time, the fifth time or, perhaps, the eighth time? Anyone who believes that the police do not engage in racial profiling is deluded. Whilst you and your mate (Mr. Nobody) can avoid the attentions of the police by removing your baseball caps and keeping a clean number plate that’s not possible if what attracts their malicious attention is the fact that you are black.
  6. Yeah, most likely Travellers, Romanians, Poles, EU Nationals............... Jesus wept.
  7. Snide comment! Nothing snide about it. The video clip shows clearly what the Tory party think of the NHS, especially the nurses. The cheering of the Tory back benches when the motion was defeated can be fairly characterised as both triumphalist and derisive. That’s how much they value NHS front line staff. You may choose to laud a newly chastened Boris as the champion of the NHS but the record of both he and his party belie that. Do not seek to tarnish me with the actions of those horrible people who would take satisfaction in the PM’s illness: they are beneath contempt. Ho
  8. http://www.thenational.scot/news/18339251.watch-tory-mps-cheer-blocking-pay-rise-nhs-nurses/?ref=erec Boris and his colleagues showing their appreciation for nurses and other NHS Staff.
  9. This comment disgusts me. you are an appalling specimen of humanity.
  10. oisin og


    If you believe that only “dole scroungers” are horrified at the prospect of living in a society ordered as the Tories would have it, you are very sadly misguided.
  11. oisin og


    That’s odd: I think of the Tory party in exactly the same way.
  12. oisin og


    Dyson; would never have another one. Despite regular and careful maintenance it, quite frankly, broke my heart. Absolute rubbish, and expensive rubbish.
  13. Yeah! All eleven of the most senior judges in the UK.
  14. I truly fear for the future of honest debate and dialogue on this site when garbage and hyperbole like the above passes for “comment”.
  15. oisin og


    This is the same Boris who voted for May’s deal. (On the third occasion it was put to theCommons, I believe)
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