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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. Wishing your son a successful and speedy recovery from his treatment.
  2. glassfiber it over dry wood, not hard to do ,resin, mat and a coat of gel coat, tough as old boots easy to wash and flush down,applied with with normal paint roller, use rubber matting or similar on top for non slip, or get a pro guy/company to glassfibre a panel of wood to size for you.
  3. The bad reports of both weather and lack pigeon in my part of Essex has had me pulling all my pigeon decoy kit out of a cupboard ( with jammed in difficulty) over the winter to try and lighten the carry load, the older I get the more difficult at 71 it gets to walk the sticky Essex clay soil. Boy no wonder it was jammed in the cupboard , I didnt count but must have over 80 plus varied decoys with pegs, plus 3 remote battery flappers, 4 rotaries ,6 nets,1 set of net pole's and a set of breakdown hide poles, varied bags and rucksacks, peckers, floaters and several seats with cushions for that little bit of comfort and much more in the ancillary fashion, some of it modified, 4 batteries, plus clothing and boots taking up another wardrobe . Not that I carry or take all to the chosen hide spot or even take in the motor, much of my permissions being walk only. Am I alone in being a pigeon decoy er hoarder ???? 😏
  4. I,m Dennis and go down a storm wherever I am. 😜
  5. None touching my single rape field unfortunately.
  6. It brings back memories of taking my son shooting, fishing and teaching him country ways that I knew and respected , grading him from air rifle target plinking and gun handling eventually to quarry hunting. Watching him grow and at times teaching me a thing or two learnt from reading shooting times and books. Doubt I will be teaching my grandsons the same as little to no interest shown from behind an X box. A good topic
  7. Now I do feel my 71 years, please no more old gear reminiscing , but guess its good to still remember that far back even if my name eludes me sometimes ! but I think that might be due to the mrs calling me by so many names ! ☹️🙄
  8. Their name did cross my mind , you could well be right. 👍
  9. Looks like a heavy weight version of a pull string one I had many moons ago, Im thinking I used it maybe 30 + years ago. cant think who made it or where I bought it from but it worked , when the dog didnt keep getting caught in the cord.
  10. Decoying pigeon on the edge of a wood with my son, we were stalked upon by 6 German soldier's in full uniform and carrying guns as we sat in our hide , we thought better to warn them our guns were real and we were not part of their game play, they slinked back into the wood after apologising and a few laughs. But shortly all hell let loose with thunder flash explosions , gunfire and shouting. pigeon shooting done for he day.
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