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    near Chelmsford
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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. deny essex


    Still a few left in stock, buy before bay £20 a pair including UK P&P for PW members.
  2. deny essex

    Dippa sell off

    Yes I still have some in stock
  3. deny essex

    Dippa sell off

    Those who ordered yesterday in the post today thanks. Still have stock
  4. deny essex

    Dippa sell off

    Sorry should have stated its is only for the dippa unit. All thats needed is a spring stick and 2 AA batteries
  5. deny essex

    Dippa sell off

    Decided to stop making the decoydippas (too old for fiddly bits now) so using all my parts up and selling off whats in stock, offer is to PW members only £20 a pair including UK P&P . might be slight variations in style but all working for fitting to spring sticks. Does NOT include spring stick or batteries.
  6. deny essex

    Eley pigeon select 30g 6

    Sorry past through dunmow now,good luck with the sale
  7. deny essex

    Eley pigeon select 30g 6

    Im through your way tomorrow back from Cambridge . , will take them pm me your number to arrange . Denny
  8. deny essex

    FUD decoys

    After shooting recently with a friend who was using Fud decoys to try and save on carry weight, I remember when I bought some for the same reason. On receipt of them they looked respectable BUT! each decoy had a steel plate Im guessing from a scrapped battleship as a ground spike and angle adjuster ,which basically worked but didnt really save much weight and the amour plate was less than friendly in hard summer ground. Been going through my ton of kit and pulled out my modified FUD's for long walk decoying, making them work with spring sticks for movement in the wind and without the heavy steel work, will do some pictures and maybe a video of how if enough folk are interested in doing the same or similar. Denny
  9. deny essex

    Where have they all gone ?

    Nice one Boggy 👍
  10. deny essex

    Pigeon shell dec's, pegs+2 dippas

    Was good to meet you too, glad your pleased with the purchase.
  11. deny essex

    Pigeon shell dec's, pegs+2 dippas

  12. deny essex

    pigeon floaters

    You and me both, gets me away from many a mrs chore when in the man cave buried in bits n bobs 👍
  13. deny essex

    Pigeon shell dec's, pegs+2 dippas

    Now booked for pigeon shredder
  14. deny essex

    Pictures in for sale

    nope progressing to boots, for head ache pills ! (I now know why the pics wont go
  15. deny essex

    Pictures in for sale

    Is there a problem with putting pictures in the for sale Section ? I couldnt get a picture of a recent sale Item without a problem notice coming up and to contact the site ?