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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. It brings back memories of taking my son shooting, fishing and teaching him country ways that I knew and respected , grading him from air rifle target plinking and gun handling eventually to quarry hunting. Watching him grow and at times teaching me a thing or two learnt from reading shooting times and books. Doubt I will be teaching my grandsons the same as little to no interest shown from behind an X box. A good topic
  2. Now I do feel my 71 years, please no more old gear reminiscing , but guess its good to still remember that far back even if my name eludes me sometimes ! but I think that might be due to the mrs calling me by so many names ! ☹️🙄
  3. Their name did cross my mind , you could well be right. 👍
  4. Looks like a heavy weight version of a pull string one I had many moons ago, Im thinking I used it maybe 30 + years ago. cant think who made it or where I bought it from but it worked , when the dog didnt keep getting caught in the cord.
  5. Decoying pigeon on the edge of a wood with my son, we were stalked upon by 6 German soldier's in full uniform and carrying guns as we sat in our hide , we thought better to warn them our guns were real and we were not part of their game play, they slinked back into the wood after apologising and a few laughs. But shortly all hell let loose with thunder flash explosions , gunfire and shouting. pigeon shooting done for he day.
  6. Motor brushes are renowned for sticking with dust with that sort of dusty use, rubber mallet give the motor a donk on the casing not hard enough to destroy it just to make a vibration, it sometimes brings a result , if it does it needs a clean out, give it a blow, with an airline !
  7. Just had a call saying a £600 card transaction needs to be checked , yeah right, recorded message no name , details etc
  8. On checking my local permissions during the week which were very very quiet, and much the same lack of pigeon dropping in on my garden area, plus driving about in the Essex area put in my head. One farmer asked me if there was a pigeon disease going about as he has picked up 6 pigeon in less than a week around his buildings dead, without a sign off being shot, blood or otherwise looking sick or in a bad condition, anybody else seeing similar ?
  9. I use one but only after watching how the pigeon react to a static pattern and feel it maybe an advantage to put a rotary out, likewise with flappers or floaters or peckers , if you dont take em you cant use them if you feel they are needed , some days they definitely are handy in my experience.
  10. Not bad at all thanks, wandering about , boat trip down the river etc , weather was well in our favour
  11. ok whats your regular favourite one ditchy? Thank you gents keep em coming.
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