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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. ok whats your regular favourite one ditchy? Thank you gents keep em coming.
  2. Being dragged off to Yarmouth at the weekend with the mrs and my older sister for a break, think I'm gonna need one after. Help to point me to some bolt holes please guys so I can leave them to it with the car if need be and the inevitable shopping and the if, but, when and how female gossip. Pubs not me I dont drink but who know's after a few hours with old women !
  3. No ,I dont normally shot near game pens if I can see them but their pen was hidden from site by crop, vegetation and rolling landscape , these birds were coming from their pen area to me seemingly to take the pee .
  4. Got moaned at one time for shooting pigeon 100 + yards from a game pen on an adjoining farm as I was told I was disturbing the birds, it wasnt the birds that were disturbed I told him it was me , the bird's were constantly walking round my feet through my hide, under my feet, flapping about the hide and generally getting in the way making it difficult to concentrate and to shoot. As it was pigeon shooting was almost finished so packed up a little later.
  5. Same as a drummers seat, quite happy with bangs going on , I agree with the larger feet.
  6. It wood'nt cause it shouldn't and doubt it has a Log book or M.O.Tree .
  7. A speed controller would only adjust it to slow it down, not increase the speed without fiddling with the rotary internals.
  8. deny essex


    Sorry for your loss, I have lost too many family and friends, hold them in your head and your heart and they will never leave you.
  9. Model shop maybe or kite supplies
  10. 1 pair of chromed heavy cast hinges, never used just sat in the man cave drawer, quite heavy . Approx size 11 cm x 8 cm x 5 mm thick £12 UK posted
  11. I recently visited Duxford airdrome, saw spits flying about near all day , you can never mistake the sound of a spit with that merlin engine growling away. Also had a hercules transporter repeatedly wheel touch landing and taking off ( thems is big Bugs) plus many others. Im no plane buff but Duxford with its planes and military exhibit's can be a great day out even for the kids, our 7year old grandson loved it and even the near 2 year old seemed to enjoy it.
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