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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. deny essex

    Hatsan Escort not cycling

    used to run mine dry apart from trigger pivots for 8 years , no problems till the gas ports near burnt through the mag tube then it went bye byes
  2. deny essex

    Home made sloe gin

    I cant get on with making wild brews or even cooking, nuts and bolts, making kit, a little electrics and Dippas are more my mark. 😉
  3. deny essex

    Home made sloe gin

    Cant remember who but a member on here sent me some delicious sloe gin 2 or 3 years back for our christmas period and it went down real well, would love some more this year if that member is making any .
  4. deny essex

    A jolly drive to Cambridge

    Off again to Papworth hospital in Cambridge today and back from south Essex, thinking to take the scenic route through Saffron Walden, obviously pigeon spotting all the way , not that I shoot that far out now but the pigeon shooters habit of having a passing glance as you pass likely fields is difficult to break after 30 plus years of shooting , even the wife does pigeon spotting now on trips. How many of us suffer from the same affliction ? 😏
  5. deny essex

    Fitting magnets in walking stick ferrule

    I used a magnet from a de-funked pond pump , I glued the magnet to an old glass fibre telescopic rod to give a length when open of around 1.5 mtr length does the job well for spent cartridges from the auto.
  6. deny essex

    Trip down memory lane

    Enjoyed reading your report, its not all about the numbers of birds down to enjoy your shooting, I too remember my late brother every time I shoot and go fishing. He taught me how to and probably more than I can now remember . P.S hope them dippas helped
  7. deny essex

    1/2 unf thread protector

    One for me please , just let me know how you want payment
  8. deny essex

    pigeon flappers

    I never used one in 30 plus years of pigeon shooting apart from a string pull one for a very short time. But I now never go out without a battery remote/timer one and often use 2.
  9. deny essex

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    Forgot to add it is possible to use a drill variable trigger as a speed controller with some fiddling, but some can get hot to the degree of melting plastic so wise to mount in a metal box as a heat sink if possible.
  10. deny essex

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    Try looking for battery drill motor and gear box , looks very much like an in-line drill or screw driver set up arrangement, plastic gears are for light duty go for metal gears. Made a light weight one some years ago , used artificial birds and worked fine for several years till like me got worn out.😞 Worth looking at any old drills and screwdrivers when the battery dies and the cost of replacing the battery can exceed the cost of buying a new tool if you like to make your own rotary's.
  11. deny essex

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    Sorry to hear of your wifes condition and feel for you both. I will offer some Decoydippas as a prize or auction/raffle whatever you wish towards your worthy cause just message me if and when wanted. Denny
  12. deny essex

    Light & durable

    They can act better in a wind movement wise and +2 with the crow
  13. deny essex

    Light & durable

    Have shot with a friend of mine that has used them ever since they came out and they do work well, he usualy gets very respectable bags if there is pigeon about. I have always used a shell decoy set initially and add/replace with real as I feel needed or not, but clocking onto three score and ten years I have recently bought some silosocks in view of the weight saving and what I have seen with their results.
  14. deny essex

    Nearing that time

    A piccy of one of my young lads no longer with us as the season approaches.