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    pigeon decoying , treasurer Mid Essex Woodpigeon Club,
    A liitle fishing , playing guitar, pc browseing and fiddleing about with decoying kit .
    you tube channel DBM1948 sorry dippa vids had a grandson virus attack :(

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  1. I would say lead acid car type, large mobility scooter battery , motorcycle battery with a charge rating of 6 amp. Maybe an auto sparkie may be on site and add his opinion with more pro knowledge than me.
  2. Think you might fry the batteries
  3. deny essex

    Shooting over hemp?

    Shot over Hemp many years ago when pigeon magnets were first introduced, made my own and set up on a cut hemp field sharing the hide with another club gun. We didnt get a huge bag but there were some birds interested in it. But it was an eye opener as to how far my magnet pulled the birds from their line being a couple of hundred mtrs away over the farm road, house and barns. A few of the other club members turned up as they had found nothing in their located areas and stood up field on the road laughing at my magnet as it did its whirling job . Long story short the magnet gave us some good exciting shots over the hemp , a respectable bag on a not so good a day for every one else of the club members . Ohh and the job of making 4 more magnets for members . You never know till you look and try.
  4. deny essex

    Peg Poke

    Coming up to that time after harvest when the ground goes near as hard as concrete in dry weather especially our Essex clay rich soil. Decoy pegs have difficulty getting any depth and hold , just sorting my gear and found my peg poke for making pre holes for pegs n equipment . I know screw drivers can be used but if dropped or lost in crop no favours from the farmer with broken machinery or a screw driver stuck in his back thrown up by machinery. Made of dowel or part broom handle , all wood ,coloured marked for easy find and will degrade or get split up by machinery if lost.
  5. deny essex

    Ditchman and God

    Join the club ditchy ,more doctors and hospital visits than sitting in a field, hope it all balances out for you
  6. deny essex

    cant speed up magnet

    Could be dry tight gummed up bearings it will usually gets slower with a little time and the motor will get hot. does it make any noises?
  7. deny essex

    Decoys full bodied used 12 off

    Held over for bigroomboy
  8. deny essex

    Decoys full bodied used 12 off

    postage always the problem 😞
  9. deny essex

    Decoys full bodied used 12 off

    12x full bodied decoys used, no pegs suit a starter COLLECT ONLY CM3 CHELMSFORD ESSEX AREA £10
  10. deny essex

    Flapper ID

    Now playing the mouth organ makes sense 😲🤣
  11. deny essex

    Flapper ID

    I had one of those when I first started pigeon shooting, I was always getting screwed up with cord operation grabbing the gun mounting it and watch the birds fly by I would swear they were laughing 😒
  12. deny essex

    Flapper ID

    Very similar as ones that were sold on ebygum a year or so ago, they were sold as seconds, painted grey and priced accordingly, most suffered from motor failure and in need of some fettling , I had about 8 or so repaired them and moved them on to mates but kept 2 for myself , after the re-work they work well enough. Basic construction looks the same but look to be better quality. I fitted 300 rpm motors to mine
  13. deny essex

    Off to Hastings

    Thank you gentlemen and Boggy will take all your suggestions on board.
  14. deny essex

    Off to Hastings

    Off to hopefully sunny Hastings for a short family break next week, grandkids included, going to need a sanctuary to escape to there at some time no doubt. Any recommendations ? forget any pubs or clubs I dont drink and too old to jiggle things about! Suggestions welcome (nice ones, Ive had enough of the other ones in my lifetime ) And if any of you local guys want any dippas let me know and save money on postage with a meet.
  15. deny essex

    Spring stick modification

    Your welcome , but all credit to old boggy he stirred me ole brain with that Idea 😊