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  1. This is for sale until Sunday 8th September, after which I'm heading overseas with work again. £110 posted until then.
  2. Hi all, I put together some rotary tumbling kits a while back for myself and a few shooting pals and sold a couple that were spare. I kept this one back in case I needed any spares and as my own kit just keeps trundling on, this one's just sat under the bed gathering dust and I'd rather it got some use. Included for sale is brand new: 230v mains tumbler Watertight rubber tumbling drum Burnishing soap Stainless steel tumbling media + full instructions for use. I use one of these kits to tumble 100+ .357 magnum cases or 50+ x .308 cases at a time on a 1.5hr tumbling cycle to get them looking like new. Insides of cases, flash holes and primer pockets also come up sparkling! £125 posted
  3. Hi all, for sale is a set of front and rear motorcycle paddock stands. Feature heavy-duty construction, used for racing. Front stand has under-fork supports, rear stand has bobbin adapters fitted. The rear stand has had the cut/weld modification to shorten the length which allows a motorcycle to be loaded into a short van with stands fitted. Both stands are structurally and mechanically sound whilst there are marks, wear and surface rust to be expected with an item of this nature. £25 for the pair of paddock stands, collected from Kidderminster area DY12. Also for sale is a steel FRO Systems motocross stand, perfect mechanical condition but surface rust and marks to be expected: £15 collected. Thanks for looking!
  4. They are certainly the best off-the-shelf black powder reproductions I've come across and I wouldn't part with it if circumstances were different. Smith & Wesson took over Thompson/Center in 2007 and this rifle was made a good while before that. The Thompson factory went up in flames, taking the tooling and records of serial numbers with it, so unfortunately if you didn't date your rifle before that, you're left with just guessing.
  5. Hi, for sale are the following .243 / 6mm reloading bits. Consumables are obviously new, tools are barely used in nearly new condition: 80 x .243 PPU virgin brass cases - £20 posted SOLD Lee .243 Pacesetter 3 die set - £22 posted .243 Sierra 85gr JSP (60pk) - £12 posted SOLD .243 gas checks (1000pk) - £12 posted .243 85gr hard cast bullets (Lyman #2 alloy) gas-checked & lubed (79pk) - £10 posted .243 Lee neck sizing collet die (brand new) - £15 posted SOLD .243 Lee case length gauge & lock stud - £ free for cost of postage SOLD .243 Lee bullet sizing die - £12 posted
  6. Hi all, This is my gun - please note it's listed as a "Long Barrel Pistol" on an FAC. It's listed as a rifle on GunWatch classifieds as there is no LBP option. Regards
  7. Hi all, For sale is a single cavity Lyman bullet mold #245496 for .243 Winchester or other suitable 6mm chamberings. Casts an 85gr gas-check Loverin style bullet, which consistently shot sub MOA for me. In nearly new condition, in original box and like hens' teeth to find (I had to import this one). I also have a whole host of other .243 reloading paraphernalia available if of interest. £55 posted (UK mainland). Thanks for looking!
  8. Apologies - for some reason GunWatch does not actually update this advert. Gun now SOLD. Thanks
  9. Gun still FOR SALE due to non contact from initial prospective buyer
  10. I've read through a lot of .410 data and I've never seen pressures/velocities using felt, fibre or cork wads matching pressures obtained using plastic wads. I personally go out on a limb and use any like-for-like (2.5" or 3" and corresponding shot load) plastic data with fibre wads, I just steer clear of hot primers like CCI 209M and stick with medium types like Fiocchi 615's. I've got clay & game's .410 cork wad data somewhere around here if you want it?
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