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    All types of shooting - seatrout =salmon fishing all sport, Fox hunting with Plas machynlleth hounds. Was Treasurer dovey wildfowlers for some years until i gave it up.Done a lot of ferreting when i was a lot younger.
    Done some ess trialing years ago ,Trained Labs,ESS,and Cockers

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  1. Hi Mate Hope u keeping well . Messaging you in 5 mins.
  2. Maescewi Chocolate Chip, sadly passed away last year.


    1. Well done Mark Hope you keeping well Bud atb Terry
    2. Well done Mike good write up bud. Iv'e had 3 vixens this week 1 not in pup other 2 milky one's, they where call out from farm losing lambs so got shot. atb T
    3. That's a cracking nights work bud. Well done bud. atb Terry
    4. eccles


      Nice 1 Dai went after a killer last night as i was heading down to bottom fields some T where lamping off main road. Got to where i thought fox might be spotted him over a double fence but would not come to call it followed fence line and lost sight of him sure them with lamp had spooked him
    5. Mike its been that long since iv'e been shooting up there,last time a slope had been planted with larch trees now ready to cut down .
    6. Cheers Mike yes i hardly ever get a messy 1 with the 223 must have been angle i was shooting at. Aled was lucky i had not been on my comfy sofa. or i might not of gone
    7. Had a message off my Nephew that my cousin had just told him in pub that fox killing,message Terry. Anyway got rifle out etc drove to pick up my nephew up to Cousins asked which field he had lost lambs.Not shot here for blinking years. Set off down rd to gateway parked up .told Barry to sit in truck as he'd just had bowel cancer removed, and i'll pop over gate and call. Walked out about 70y up hill to put caller out. Back to hedge caller on mouse 5 mins fox coming in over the hill stopped caller as it came in fox stops boom down a vixen. Picked it up went to have a chat with Barry he was laughing to how quick it was. Waited a while said i'll pop back over to hedge on with caller this time chicken distress 5 to 10 mins fox coming in full pelt spotted with recon, on with Archer fox coming in like a good one.off with caller fox stops boom no 2 down dog went out to find it no sign and only had my trainers on Told Barry i'd come up this morning and find it + see for best places to call from same time. Walked out this morning and there it was how i did not see it i'll never know bit further that i thought and in dip in field nice dog. Seen Aled this morning over the moon. said i'd come up again soon just to check any more around.
    8. eccles


      Well done Bud atb Terry
    9. I Better get out on them crows soon then Mike just to keep you happy i better make sure my alarm clock works loud and clear in case i get to go out early.
    10. Well done Mike you watch this Eccles evenings on sofa mate it gets harder to get off it as you get OLDER atb Terry
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