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  1. good luck dave hope you find a few atb paul
  2. well done enjoyed the read ,you had a good day you don t need pictures good write up atb paul
  3. Shotgun57

    Goose call

    yes please i will have 1 pm details
  4. hi tasr12 pm me i will send you 12 flock shell decoys if you pay the postaqge paul
  5. good luck tomorrow dave hope you get a few paul
  6. good on you dave hope you find a few paul
  7. nice result kindness repaid with kindness
  8. just to make you feel better ,went to a field osr this afternoon 1.30 until 16.00 just put the magnet out with 2 fresh birds ,set up under a sitty tree on a flight line managed to pull a few pigeon which battled against the strong gusty westerly wind,[ had to anchor hide to the tree it was that windy],shot 5 pigeon for 12 shots .been out 7 times in the last 2 weeks on osr have shot 16-12-5-5-13-0-5.its not all about the numbers i just go when ever i can to keep farmer happy .hope you find some pigeons soon all the best paul
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