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  1. well done, i often move from one farm to another but i dont all ways have the result you two had, normally dont get much early in the day atb PAUL
  2. PC I finished the gate Saturday morning will fit it on Tuesday i have to go fishing Monday
  3. thanks for the comments paul
  4. thought id share this with pw i had a call from a keeper friend at mid day he said the pigeons were hitting the drillings ,i was half way through making a garden gate for a customer drop the tools loaded up and went got there at 12.45 put of about 150 -200 pigeons and set up with the east wind behind me on a small hedge row,12 shell decoys ,whirley with two frozen birds on and a hypa flap .they decoyed well and started off shooting well got the new ff6 going they came even better ,had some good shooting but on occasions went through some poor shots missing like id never shot before ,packed up at 5.30 picked 101 pigeons,my mate had 69 total picked 170 was well chuffed as i thought id not get another day on the pigeons till later in the year .thanks for looking
  5. good luck dave hope you find a few atb paul
  6. well done enjoyed the read ,you had a good day you don t need pictures good write up atb paul
  7. Shotgun57

    Goose call

    yes please i will have 1 pm details
  8. hi tasr12 pm me i will send you 12 flock shell decoys if you pay the postaqge paul
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