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  1. I've recently bought some flocked decoys and want to maintain their condition. During storage do you place some form of protection between each decoy or can you place them directly on top of each other with fear of damaging the coating? The only stupid question is the one you don't ask....😜 Cheers in advance.
  2. Having a garage tidy up, They are old plastic decoys (about 12 maybe more) that are bruised and battered I've even attempted flocking them many years ago. but can still be used to lure a bird closer. Now I'm giving these decoys away for free, but only to some young lad/lass who is starting out and are short of cash and this may just help him/her out. I'm in Abingdon, near Oxford. Please pm me if your interested.
  3. Hi all, I also live in Abingdon. What are your thoughts of meeting up one evening for a drink or two - soon, before the crops start to come. EF
  4. This may sound a daft question, but how did you set your camcorder to video the fox cub. I tried a camcorder G Clamp looking down the scopes without suces, pictures would be good. Cheers EF
  5. Who wants to meet up for a drink. A number of PW members met up before at the Chequers at Burcot (A415) a few years ago. It seemed the most central point at that time (Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot & Berinsfield). Merry xmas EF
  6. If thats your set up then the only thing I would add to it is a safari sling. Basically sling over your shoulder, lamp on shotty to search for quarry. Weight of shotty is spread between arms shoulder and back. I believe it making life as easy as possible. I use two lamps if i go out by myself (Vehicle) Main lamp to find stuff, smaller lamp on rifle to follow up with shot. Hope this helps EF
  7. Like you I just popped my cherry, so to speak. I've shot hundreds of foxes, but this morning I got my first fox in a snare. I let my lad (8) dispatch it. His first fox.... EF
  8. Good shot & good vid but each to there own. Personally I wouldn't have taken that shot. Very little room for error.
  9. What a load of ****. I think he needs to learn how to gralloch a deer properly. and some unfortunate Americans are using that as a training video
  10. Some very good points raised. Personally, I look for vermin damage, be it pigeon, rooks or rabbits then ask the farmer. Start off with one or two of his problem fields and do a good job for him aiming to build up his trust. Hopefully he will then let you have access to the whole farm. Again keep your nose clean and do a good job. When you see pigeons or rabbits just over the fence on a neighbours ground ask the farmer to phone on your behalf for access. This way you are being properly introduced and not cold calling. I got 3 farms back to back with just under 1000 acres combined this way. Before you know it you've built up a good reputation and farmers contact you to sort out their problem areas. It worked for me good luck
  11. Hi Deako I've not used any other Nightforce scopes other than 5.5-22x56 with the np 2dd reticules. These reticules are quick onto the target and easy to use. If for some reason you cant see the dot on a target then turn on the IR, problem solved. I would not get rid of these scopes. For me these scopes are 10/10 Good luck EF
  12. Thanks everyone for your comments
  13. I'm thinking of putting in for a variation and getting a moderator fitted to my .243 remington heavy barrel. Question. As the rifle is already heavy what choices of moderator do I have. I'm also going to put in for another 30-06, can I use the same moderator? What would you say is the best on the market and why? Your thoughts please. Thanks EF
  14. local gunshop stopped selling them as they said they had the potential to start fires on the stubble fields and headlands .
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