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    pigeon shooting ,fox shooting and beating with my little cocker.

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  1. I've had recent dealings with him, give him a ring or text him.
  2. mrcunnie

    1917 film

    What a load of tosh, these film critics must be on back hander's.
  3. Try googling Tony juniper, some interesting facts there , they've put an activist in charge of NE . After the chaos he's caused i hope he loses his job.
  4. Hi there Dave, i have a cz american 17 hmr for sale , scope , sling and mod . Not to far away from you, if interested pm me.
  5. Hi clumber, i'll take this, let me know how you would like paying.
  6. Now that brings back a few memories, as a young lad i remember my dad taking me to see his friend, Pat. Well Pat was an old soldier who used to take us fishing and i loved going to see him because he would tell you about his time in the war and all sorts of tall story's but the best thing of going to see Pat was that he had a webley service air rifle, well i fell in love with that rifle so much that the fishing was put on the back burner and my dad bought me a BSA meteor and my life in shooting began. Thanks for that.
  7. Had my renewal back in april, took about twelve weeks if i remember rightly. Give them a call won't do any harm.
  8. Good scope for night vision add ons.
  9. Phd - I wont let you down , 80's classic got to number three in the charts. Sadly jim diamond died a couple of years ago. Don't know how to transfer a video off you tube but if anyone can do it for me i'd appreciate it.
  10. I've used a archer for a few years now, swop it between three rifles, all with mamba lites on, you can clearly see upto 200yds + no problem, also have a leupold and that's just as good.
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