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  1. Simmons White Tail classic (made in Philippines) 3.5-10x50 1inch tube. Some cosmetic marks on housing, but barely noticeable due to the textured coating. Faint marks on the ocular lens (no scratches). Objective lens in perfect condition. Classic sort after scope £110 posted.
  2. .243 all sold. Just the .308 rounds left.
  3. .243 40 sako gamehead 90gn £30 15 federal fusion 95gn £10 16 federal 100gn powershox £10 55 federal 80gn powershox £40 .308 33 ppu 150gn & 6 150gn federal powershox.£20 Collection from South Wales.
  4. Bought last July. Immaculate. No scratches on body or lenses (no ring marks), less than 60 .243 rounds with it. Ive upgraded to IR so surplus to requirements. RRP £600, will sell for £375 plus postage if needed. Can send photos on request.
  5. Generally, do people find they see more birds on the foreshore when in a gale as tradition would suggest? Also, do guns hit rates increase or decrease in windy conditions? I found a recent session using steel in high wind infuriating. Lots of birds, lots of misses. Birds stalling against high winds would seem an easy shot!
  6. Totsy


    From memory on my M2. Unscrew the fore end cap off. Take the fore end off. The end of the magazine has a internal surclip pressing against the tube internally.
  7. For anywhere where there are threads I use copper slip (chokes). It the threads are near bearings or a bearing surface I use a different grease as I don't want copper slip getting in there.
  8. Totsy


    It's a simple process with a surclip forceps. I had to clean mine a few years ago. Sandy wet mud transferred to cartridges from my hands caused a small amount of rusty (from spring?) residue at the mouth of the tube which made pushing in a cartridge notchy and caused jams. It was quite hard to clean properly.
  9. I've recently bought a launcher with stock, mainly to replicate the mounting of the gun to improve steadiness. Does anyone have any tips for use, drills etc?
  10. Anyone any experience with them? I've never seen a working field spaniel.
  11. Emtec, mould taken of my ears, plugs arrived two weeks later. Comfortable and can hear everything except the gun report.
  12. Thanks Wigeon Man, must be a really pain to try an organise with all the variation. Would seem the guy on the tooling has priced himself out of it?
  13. .690 for a Benelli M2 (crio chokes). Using mainly No3 for duck.
  14. I was recently under a skein of Canada on the motorway for 1/2 a mile. I slowed to keep under them. They were doing 55 - 60mph with a slight tail wind.
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