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  1. bigboodydaddy

    Sako quad

    Wanted Sako Quad picitinny rail any one have one they would like to move on before i buy a new one ??
  2. I Would think so buddy check out the review on it on the net ive had it on a .223 sako with no issues
  3. Drone 5x10 in full working order and in very good condition comes with the box and lead its had a bespoke mount made and fitted by Kev gundry wanting £1100 for the drone or would take in part exchange a pulsar digex n455 will post out or can be collected so you can see it fully working. Let me know if you have a digex to part ex will buy a new one in a couple of weeks time if no replys. Thanks.
  4. Pay pal as a gift or bank transfer buddy
  5. Yes fella i could do that for you
  6. Hawke 5x20x50 AOIR Illuminated ret blue and red front focus £70 collected £80 posted out
  7. Hawke Vantage 3x12x44sf mil dot side parallax sun shade 1/4moa excellent condition collected from doncaster £100 Posted out £120
  8. Nikko stirling 3x12x56 cross hair illuminated red dot center excellent condition collected from doncaster £110 posted £120
  9. Wanted sight mark Wraith extended mount anyone have one they would like to part with Thanks in advance
  10. bigboodydaddy

    Gun slip

    Wanted gun slip to fit a fx impact with scope and ABL needs to be 4 inches wide and 36 inches long any one have the same set up and have a gun slip that fits without the zip having to be left open found some in the states but none in the uk can any one help in this matter
  11. I'm the same fella i would never run a successful business I'm always doing jobs for nowt 🙂
  12. Nice one buddy thanks for your help it is appreciated. ATB Denis
  13. nice I'm getting another 5x20 for my .223 and taking off the drone pro 5x10
  14. Scarecrow243 my firmware was 3.1.08 451 downloaded the new update and it seems to be ok now the poi moves as it should now will try shooting the rifle at the weekend to see if it works well with the ballistic date i entered the new software update has changed to 3.1.11483. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the heads up buddy will try that.
  16. Yes chronoed at 598 fps bc = 0.031 pellet weight 15.89 gr section density 0.047 form factor 1.5 put relevant information in still keep getting target unreachable going to try factory reset tomorrow
  17. I Have the ABL 1500 attached to the scope the scope is on an fx impact .22 the abl has paired up ok
  18. Any one have a atn x sight 4k pro 5x20 day and night scope in the south Yorkshire area that can help me to set up the ballistic calculator so the point of impact moves itself in the scope with a touch of the button I'm using jsb exact 15.89gn pellets cant seem to set it up correctly any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. Nikko Stirling diamond 3x12x56 illuminated ret its a cross hair with a red illuminated dot in the center 30mm tube and is 1/4 moa £115 posted. Hawke vantage 3x12x44 with sun shade side parallax adjustment mil dot ret 1/4 moa 25mm tube. £100 posted. Hawke vantage 3x9x50 mil dot ret 25mm tube 1/4 moa £45 posted Hawke sport HD 4x12x50 mil dot illuminated reticle red and green 25mm tube 1/4 moa £80 posted Hawke 5x20x50 AOIR blue red Front parallax adjustment 25mm tube 1/8 moa £55 posted Drone pro 5x10 fitted with Kev Gundry mount and original mount box with cable £1250 posted
  20. Same here mk1 Rapid 7 pm if interested
  21. I Have three could let one go fella
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