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  1. 4 or 5 I guess and anytime would be good.
  2. Cheers, i'll ask about. Does anyone know any Game dealers who sell squirrels?
  3. In delightful Attleborough, and just realised I've posted this in the wrong area...oops
  4. Hi, My eldest stepson saw a recipe for squirrel yesterday and wants to try one, they always been on my 'try'list (the wife says she refuses to eat rat), so does anyone know where i can get some in Norfolk? Unfortunately they don't feed on rape so I can't harvest them myself.Much obliged. Kanga.
  5. wilam, I can handle a R/H gun but the trigger plays havoc with my webbed fingers...
  6. Thanks to all for the welcome. PLH1966, do you know anything about the Wayland Gun Club at Carbrooke?
  7. Hi, New guy from Norfolk, Wymondham/Attleborough area. I've just got a SGC (Many thanks to the Licensing Officer, a top bloke) and looking to do a bit of shooting, clays to start and then maybe some pigeon shooting in the future. I have some distant experience of shooting, rabbits with air rifles, range days with SA80s and a couple of clay days at Mid Norfolk. Where's the best place locally to get some lessons, some advice and some practice? Any pointers from the local knowledge set would be much appreciated!
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