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  1. Hi is this lanber still for sale

    1. wogger wabit

      wogger wabit

      hi yes it is sorry i did not get straight back to 

    2. emdee


      whereabouts are you mate , i am only in south kirkby 


  2. Hi how many chokes with gun regards Dave Nixon 

  3. hi thanks newbie i did just copy it i meant no malice to any one iam just trying to sell a gun
  4. thanks and sorry for the misinterpretation thanks atb
  5. hi sorry if i offended you i did not put it on cap locks it copied it in caps and i could not reduce it it was not meant as any bad response in any way so all i can do is apologise for this misunderstanding i see what your saying but i was told as Ian said you can use it with steel shot i have not put nothing on that is not readably available on the internet and if you read it i did say i believe it to be able to shoot steel but thanks again and sorry if you thought i was shouting at you my apologies just to add i have shot steel though one and there was no issues but thanks again and sorry for it going big if mods are reading take the cap locks of thanks with the link to others asking about lanbers atb martin
  6. thanks Ian i have not used steel though it just trying to add i believed it was ok to use it with steel shot before some one asked thanks
  7. is my gun shot proof do a search on here thanks
  9. hi céntre pin gordon not got back too me yet but put sizes on page thanks martin 

  10. i think there's some fibre wad in there as well but mostly clay and some game ones thanks hi sorry my fault never looked at shot sizes rios 6 shot 32 gram aquila t2 6 shot 30 gram velocity 8 1/2 shot fibre wad special game 6 and 4 shot hull 7 shot sovereign 8 shot loose in box look mostly 6 shot but 30/ 32 gram mix off all sorts hb pigeon hope this helps
  11. hi they are different size shot and load i can have a look for you when i get in  thanks martin 

    i never thought to look to be honest 

    1. Gordon R

      Gordon R

      If they are mainly 7, 8 or 9 will happily take them.

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