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  1. i think your right he kept going on about breading foxs in barns for hunting somtimes wonder ware they get this stuff from
  2. any body see newsnight last night that b may got his wig in a twist dint he resorted to sweering at end what a *******
  3. sorry muffin they were snaped up prity quik mate ALL GONE THANKS EVERYONE
  4. hi compo i dont think i have any more but will ask a few mates for you but carnt promice
  5. have pm you paul hi medic1281 sent you a pm
  6. wogger wabit


    hi i have 17 rabbit snares thats been hung up in shed for a while all brand new never used if they are of any interest to any one send me a pm just put somthing in charaty box fisrt come first served ps dont ask me to post them to outter monglia if in pontefract you could bob in and pick em up thanks
  7. theres some weiref folk out there dont know why he asumed they were thairs as there is two other farmers closer to him dont know if he rang any others yet
  8. wogger wabit


    hi every one first thing this is not a late april fools (dont think anyway) went to day to see one of my farmers i shoot for and on friday a guy rang them up who lives in there village to ask could they come round to his house as there crows (the farmers) was c**ping on his conservetory and tell them to return to his field where do thease poeple come from must be a townie or worse
  9. i was in cas yesterday parked near the gun shop pening+++ by any chance but havent any stickers in me car thou
  10. i wondered who that was now i know it was wilksy haha ps i would just cut a hole in t bshirt if it was cold :lol:
  11. i have voted ukip in the past but there are too many tories in it now for me there all apparently jumping ship (why ) are they hoping they will still get there own way ?????
  12. he looks like a broadmoor resident or should be he has some mental issuses imo
  13. i have been a few times there are some good bargans to be had go early for viewing and have a good look at the gun your after for damage exct only other thing to watch there are a lot of dealers there and a lot of (old stock) worth a visit
  14. hi as above wanted has any one got one for sale iam in westyorks thanks
  15. thanks same to rws 90 NOW SOLD all pms anserwd thanks and atb martin
  16. i will take £130 for a quick sale thanks
  17. forgot to say i will take near offers thanks
  18. thanks never used it and now never will but thanks for info muchly appresiatored
  19. thanks thought it was but was unsure only used it to decap but thanks again martin
  20. hi selling my 12 reloading gear having got ceptic artritus last year i can not use it so selling on theres a lee loadall mk11 press with paper work boxed another none descript i dont know what make and no bushings for it but crimps and decaps rcbs scales boxed with paper work 2 full 7kg tubs of nu 6 shot various other sizes but not full 5 bags of wads again various sizes all 12g about 200 65mm primed unused hulls aprox thousand primers there is also a 25ltr tub of cut in half hulls redeady to de cap theres maybe somthing ive forgot i want about £165.00 for the lot dont want to split sgc holders only ftf dont want to post so i know your happy with your puchase i am in pontefract westyorkshire wf8 thanks martin if i carnt put pictures on i will send them to you thanks again
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