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  1. hi been down to see farmer that had been given this form they to were a bit in the dark about this form they invited the guy round who apparently put this form togehter with a pcso he said but its only a draft and were a trail thing and now backpeddleing somewhat fast as it has not been put through propper channals as it were that been the case why did they give them out to farmers i have stopped them going to any other shooters at my end but the pcso is of for a week and dont know if she as past these on to others round the eggborourgh area so as far as i no only me basc if they recived it and on here are the only ones incerculation if i get to no any thing else i will let you know
  2. hi david i have spoke to basc and sent them a copy of all forms with the names of the police involved on it thanks martin
  3. hi thanks for all your responces there is another condition form but i cant get it small enouth to put it on when i figer it out i will post it i will also copy it all and forward too basc and the answer to bobt this as come about from operation jumbo they had meetings in tadcaster and dracs village halls but this was not mentioned at the time they wanted farmers and shooters to go but dident no till after the fact and i belive it was mostly locals (towny) a few farmers and a couple of plod on the form i posted there is four police officers names and numbers under the neiberhood watch team part i did not put there names on as i dident no whether to or not but i think the same as every one else its **** like i said i have shot on this land four 10 years no probs got writen permison but never been asked for it been stopped once and that was down to this bloke last feb the police came to me asked for my licence had a few laughs with him and then went no probs thanks to all your response much apprecated martin
  4. this is what i thought problem is iam not in basc is that a prob i have insurance with an other but i thought i wouold put it on here cos it wont just invole me my farmers this has been given to are quite old and have been good to me over years and have had this put on them my other farms think it BS too
  5. hes more than that but deep down i think hes a bit of an anti but the police seem too be indulging him
  6. this is what i thought its lost me as they were supose to be after ilegal hunters ie (hare coursing) police called it operation jumbo ??
  7. hi been to see one of my permissions at weekend and was given this to fill in i have written permissions for five farms i shoot for and have shot for some of them for over ten years this form as come about throw an old guy in the village ringing police every time a different car enters the village complaning origonaly about hare cursing i know 2 of my permissions let nppc on there land also plus i think if they get it off the ground it will be all north yorks WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THEASE FORM THANKS i think there OTT
  8. 12 bore sxs for sale no name on it ecept for demi-bloc on top off both barrels 25/34 in barrels 14 in lop thats to end of butt pad about 13 to end of stock it has cocking indicaters on action both barrels very clean no pitting few dents on stock some sligt damage to forend [bit off wood chiped of on side i dont know choke size it has choke and then 172 and 183 stamped on barrels was wifes but she wanted a 20 bore so this is now surplus in cabinet i want about £65.00 ono for it f2f certificate holders only thanks ps i dont wont to post it thanks for looking iam in westyorkshire may be possable to try it before you buy it ps its non eject
  9. thanks pat great bloke thanks again martin
  11. hi i have a ratcatcher for sale no longer used it is fitted with 4x20 scope silencer and also comes with own gun bag i want £80 for it prefer f2f over 18 please thanks i am in westyorkshie thanks ps also as a few co2 bulbs with it and its .22 caliber NOW SOLD TO PEST CONTROL THANKS THANKS DAVE TOP BLOKE
  12. thease guns are open to senceable offers thanks all guns now sold thanks
  13. brocock enigma its 22fitted with 39.50 red/green mildot ags scope 200 bar max in good condition seen little use 364.99 ovno ///webley raider 10 shot fitted with 39.40 ags scope as new still in origanal box 349.99 ovno ///hw 97 k 22 still in box as new 245.99 ovno i am selling thease guns for a friend as hes breaking up some of his collection i will anwser qustions if poss or give you his phone no so he can give you full details thanks forgot to say f2f collection only and over 18 thanks webley was made in uk all guns now sold thanks
  14. cheers perfect we had to open box up to se if it had silencer fitted that how new it is never bin touched since he bought it but would like some one who would like it prefrable in yorkshire cheers
  15. for sale hw 80 k brand new in box never opened never shot still in raper bought for my friends son who has gone on to shot gun so want to sell it due to no use its about 2 months old looking for ovno saving about £74 pound approx on shop price f2f :good:its 22 fitted with screw in silencer GUN NOW SOLD THANKS TO EVERY ONE WHO SHOWED INTEREST THANKS
  16. still got 3 pups left if any one interested thanks
  17. SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPS FOR SALE 8 weeks old ready now two liver/white males one black/white bitch one black/white male they have been chipped dew clawed fleaed and wormed both parents can be seen from working stock these pups are a friends but any qustions i will try to anser £250.00 ono thanks for looking ps all pups have had there tails docked by a vet paper work to prove thanks
  18. yer right ferritman thay cant realy unless you keep taking it apart not practical sorryreed
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