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  1. Marki

    Might be German?

    I've seen a number on Ebay that have been for sale for some time but fail to interest buyers. The age appears to be irrelevant, author, condition and subject seem to control the market. Anything of consequence will also be available digitally, usually at no cost. My wife worked in a hotel once that prided itself on being 'quirky'. They would buy up an auction houses entire stock of books as filler on the shelves and then throw them away when they got too dusty. I'd spend hours searching through them for anything country sports related and found many that were late 1700's early 1800's. When we moved I offered them as free to collector but no one wanted them so they ended up in the bin. I really wish I hadn't thrown them. ;-)
  2. You don't need a chain guard for a MOT. What I did notice 69chris, but may have missed, is the rear reflector. I always seemed to get caught out without one.
  3. Marki

    Might be German?

    Because it is an older version of German. Xenophon was a Greek historian and the last word of the title is regulations. Doesn't sound like a great read. ;-) The image size and font makes it impossible for me to interpret the second word of he title.
  4. Done it twice entry without any trouble at all. Just Make sure that if it is pcp that it doesnt have any air in the tank. You are not allowed to ship it with pellets.
  5. Like I said masses of research to do! Sounds interesting. Great advice thank you.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'd originally considered 100yds as my maximum and only changed it to 150 because of my lack of knowledge. Thank you. I've not really consider a make, I'd probably pop down my local RFD or Mr Bosher and see what I can get. I suspect that I'll have a fair amount of time between applying and receiving a cert ;-).
  7. Advice please on the type of rifle I should be applying for when I complete my FAC application. Primary purpose would be pest control, rabbits, squirrels etc at a range of 50 to 100yds. I was going to go for a .22 rim fire. Is this a good choice or should I look at others? Would I need to specify the type of loading mechanism? Edited to remove some confusion.
  8. That is how I understand it, but I'm getting more confused by the minute :-). I'm planning on applying for a FAC soon and my SGC expires in about 18 months. I 'believe' that when I apply for my FAC I can agree for my SGC to expire to coincide with a new FAC / SGC cert making it automatically coterminous. I still seem to have a lot of research to do, I'm not even sure what FAC rifle I should be applying for!
  9. Or just maybe people actually liked the song?
  10. I was going to suggest that but didn't want the abuse you'd have given me!
  11. http://www.screwfix.com/p/4-entry-junction-box-with-knockouts-grey-65-x-65-x-45mm/63295 loads of options.
  12. bargain! too far to travel but I'd be interested in a sling and the zippo.
  13. I thought the bike was included? Isn't it the stand for the helmet?
  14. Reactions to helmet damage are a personal thing. I'm happy to bounce mine off the floor, dust it off and carry on. Vulture is a bit more sensitive about his, that is his prerogative. We tried smashing a 20 year old one of mine at work, it's damn hard to do! I do not believe you are wrong to be unhappy about it and I can understand the guys embarrassment. I believe that you are unable to claim off his insurance and I don't think a civil court will necessarily go in your favour unless he admits to damaging the helmet. I think they work on the balance of probability. It's a hard situation to deal with. I'd give you £20 for the old one Vulture.
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