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  1. he has now moved to browns lock stock s .old shop in maylin bridge i heard.
  2. dont forget if you are a fisherman use them in your hemp seed.
  3. welcome to the party .hope the apache grow alright for you i did well with the basque you sent me last year. got a few different ones to try this year not doing to well at moment though .hope you are well to.
  4. the carts your son in law wanted was a slab of clear pigeon 32 grm and a slab of sipe 32grm
  5. hmm i have just told the postman ill take £45.a slab for my yellow 32grm 5s.will have to revise my price now..
  6. last time i spoke to keith he said now lockdown has eased he was going to do a bit of shooting ect .so be patient.
  7. did you get the money i sent through paypal ok...
  8. no not at all he has plenty though.
  9. do you do paypal if so i will take them
  10. bsa .better off making push bikes.
  11. just your next door neighbor💥
  12. i had the gs550 then the gs1000s . best bikes ive had and i had a lot.
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