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  1. best laugh i ve had while i was eating my corn flakes. 😁 welcome to real world
  2. got a grade 6 ultimate .depends how much you want to spend 2k+
  3. sold out £29 a ticket more money than sense💣
  4. no its not worth posting
  5. will look into it see how much
  6. for sale 3x 10ft 3.5lb . rods 2xbeen used 4/5 times 1x brand new still has tags on .all bags ect £60. pick up only j30 m1
  7. same as the 10yr shot gun cert😃
  8. i got banned for no reason tried to ask why no response whatsoever so dont try any more. bbs that is😌
  9. are any members having trouble getting on to the site.
  10. nowt to do with country shows any more car boot sales is nearer the mark
  11. why the most uncomfy chair i had the misfortune to buy
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