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  1. no its a genuine post sorry you lost out on your last purchases( i would prefer for some one to view items when we can travel)
  2. Hi dessyb i would swap, I’ve got a bsa ultra se, with gas bottle and case 

  3. i have for sale 4xmk1 boxes 2x 8ft 2x15ft. 3x 15ft terrier collars. 1x 8ft .terrier collar.3x 8ft ferret.collars. 1x micro 8ft. collar. 1x leather case .sensible offers please all work as should. £500 ono. will swap for a descent air rifle. dont want to split. sell as a job lot..
  4. dessyb


    nowt as yet
  5. dessyb


    not desperate seen a lot on these sites i have not won the pools yet.
  6. dessyb


    has any pw members got any ferrets for sale in derbys/yorks area.
  7. as the man said a good carolina dropped in the jar
  8. dessyb


    i have lmbr r2a and skan both do the job and will last.
  9. ill health have not used it for 2 yrs.
  10. buy my benelli supersport for £1100 and treat your self
  11. be better if scope was right way round
  12. as new con.£55 posted uk shoot warehouse
  13. as new only used a few times.turbo flapper £55 posted.
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