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  1. i have a brand new never fitted 2,5x10x50 multi x ret was £479.95. i want £250 posted.
  2. dessyb

    hw80 stock

    hw80 custom stock cs500. got a few years ago. never fitted.hand picked wood. very nice figure.pref pick up derbys. cant do pics. £200. ono
  3. got one with 28 inch brls little use all acsessories.£1200.
  4. i have a gen aa. stock in the white no finish what so ever. only checkered by factory. brand new.£85.posted. one for the stock finishes amongst us. sorry r/handed.beech. sold
  5. i have a brand new never had mounts on 2.5x10 x50. multi x ret. 1 inch tube.£225 posted.
  6. you get what you pay for.buy cheap buy twice..
  7. dessyb

    S400 to HW100

    stick with aa.forget hw. if you fancy s/lever go s510.
  8. i have x2 nankang sv2 snow tyres 215x55x17 on 17 inch toyota avencis alloys. brand new tyres. £60.ono pick up derbys.
  9. how many labs and tackle can u get in it.
  10. got a cz ebony special edition in a t/h stock low shot count £500. to you.
  11. got my seeds this morning thanks. will send you a few seeds to try.. all the best des..
  12. if some are still available ill take a few .just got some razzamatazz. and hungarian hot wax. from south devon chilli farm to play with. i will send you a pm. cheers des...
  13. i have 2x 15ft. x2x8ft. mk1 boxes.terrier collars 3x15 ft 1x 8ft. ferret collars. 3x 8ft 1x 8ft micro. 1x leather case. all working and good con.£400 ono. posted no split. all go together derbys.
  14. can you do pics of aa s200 parts . are they mk 1-2-3
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