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  1. dessyb


    i got a hobart one they mince owt
  2. scrambled egg and corned beef.i have never had a pup that would refuse
  3. i have a cs 500. stock hand picked american walnut . for sale pref pick up from derbys. j30 m1 area. £160.
  4. only rabbit i have heard of a lately is white rabbit by jefferson airplane
  5. dessyb


    did you get the seeds figgy..
  6. im shure him and his friend mr schofield can find something else to do.
  7. nevilles guns top bloke to deal with.
  8. dessyb


    it was a breeding ground for scammers anyway it will not be missed.
  9. dessyb


    figgy send me your details ill pop some in post for you.
  10. try vandyke crystals let down in a bit of water.to colour the wood .after you ave removed finish.
  11. brand new still packaged bi pod gen 3 short so you can sit n shoot £100 posted.
  12. dessyb


    has any members started planting yet. trying some new to me seeds this time. santa fe grande.and biquino. may have some spare seeds.
  13. dessyb

    Top Gear

    had enough of mcquiness over xmass promoting over priced snacks.
  14. i have a pair of short trigger bi pod sticks. brand new still packaged. £100 posted
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