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  1. get a ms211 nice little saw in 14/16 inch. had one for smaller jobs for years.
  2. i have a 1.25x4x24 ir 30. never mounted just put rings on .so in immac con. £70 posted. paypal. f/f now sold.
  3. i have a mint con never used 1.25x4x24 ir .eclipse 30. with mounts £70 posted.
  4. he has now moved to browns lock stock s .old shop in maylin bridge i heard.
  5. dont forget if you are a fisherman use them in your hemp seed.
  6. welcome to the party .hope the apache grow alright for you i did well with the basque you sent me last year. got a few different ones to try this year not doing to well at moment though .hope you are well to.
  7. the carts your son in law wanted was a slab of clear pigeon 32 grm and a slab of sipe 32grm
  8. hmm i have just told the postman ill take £45.a slab for my yellow 32grm 5s.will have to revise my price now..
  9. last time i spoke to keith he said now lockdown has eased he was going to do a bit of shooting ect .so be patient.
  10. did you get the money i sent through paypal ok...
  11. no not at all he has plenty though.
  12. do you do paypal if so i will take them
  13. bsa .better off making push bikes.
  14. just your next door neighbor💥
  15. i had the gs550 then the gs1000s . best bikes ive had and i had a lot.
  16. good luck. our local if full of the new carp fishermen 🍋
  17. if only carp fishing was the same nowdays.😪
  18. yes there is go on to northdevon chilli farm web page and have a browse. hope this helps..
  19. we lost our last parson dot just before xmas 13yrs young tried the rspca .to be told we are to old to foster. but we could donate.
  20. found this in my cabinet. remember buying it from uttings. never used still boxed.£200.posted..
  21. i think it uses its own collar dont think it would work with a mk1 collar i f i remeber right.
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