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  1. I've had three of these guns (and still have one of them) and the one you're selling looks a beauty. Nicest wood I've seen on a Yeoman. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Lori, if you haven't already, it'd be worth posting that over on WSF too.
  3. And to take the opposite viewpoint, I personally like to refinish back to showroom condition on an old gun... because I know that as I use it, the condition will mellow again and develop patina once more, but this time without all the knocks and scratches it had before.
  4. Like that poem 7diaw :-)
  5. I always found the best end results come by following a couple of simple principles. 1. You get out what you put in (the more coats the better) 2. Less is more (keep each coat as thin as possible, just a few drops per coat)
  6. Pets at Home do folding wire crates of various sizes starting at about the £20 mark. I use one for my springer in the back of the Discovery. Works fine for her and I can take it out and fold it flat when not in use. Just a thought.
  7. +1 for Vehicle Wiring Products. Use them for wiring bits and bobs for the boat. Reasonable prices and swift service.
  8. Well done Stu. What a generous offer! Got to love the PW contingent.
  9. My renewal took 13.5 months from start to finish. Had multiple temporary permit extensions within that time, so much so that the last temp extension they issued would have run until the middle of next year, which would have been almost a year and three quarters after the renewal application. After doing the patient, not-making-a-fuss thing, I finally pointed this out to the firearms head office and I got my license back within a week. Coincidence? I think not. As Scully suggests, it pays to be proactive.
  10. Bought a few guns from them. All fine and picked up from valuation days as per Falcon FN above. Not the cheapest auction house out there (circa 22% buyers premium if I remember correctly, possibly more) but good service.
  11. I had the smallest of a litter of three springers. She's just over 18 months now and is fine - we recently won second place in our first ever working test. Her siblings are just not as competent in the field as my little one (we're still in touch with their owners), so don't believe the received wisdom that says avoid the runt. If you like the dog and if the dog likes you that's the best start you can hope for at that age in my opinion. Everything else can be developed later.
  12. +1 to this. Sensible advice.
  13. Saw this vid over on Gundogtrainingforum. Love it. How far was the retrieve Millomite? Looks a fair way for a cocker, putting retrievers to shame I'd say!
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