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    shooting,drinking and looking after my daughter and wife
  1. Crow decoys

    Black socks on full body pigeons works a treat mate
  2. berreta

    yes mate anything from 28g to 62g its a nice gun to use.
  3. berreta

    i cant believe this bad girl is still up for sale
  4. berreta

    dont think so mate think he fancy's some thing else but never said lol
  5. lamp

    striker 170 hand held lamp + red filter £45 pm me as its a mate who has it
  6. berreta

    berreta extrema 30 inch barrel 3.5 chamber original (not kickoff) 4 years old, case+chokes+key paper work, rubber hand grip missing from forend otherwise good condition (alot of gun for the price) £450. no offers, ftf only pm me as its a mate who has this bad girl up for sale now sold sorry lads
  7. full set up

    its being sold as full set up mate
  8. full set up

    its still there anyone
  9. pinkfoot

    sorry mate sold to shaun
  10. pinkfoot

    lol there £70. to buy and there not mine its shane who has them
  11. pinkfoot

    hi shaun there still up if you want them .....rod
  12. hi mate here is me mates phone number 07936314573 and his name is shane give him a bell .....rod

    1. full set up

      its a single shot mate
    2. pinkfoot

      ok mate if deal goes .... up then there yours ......rod