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  1. Sorry its sold, I'm sure I edited it and marked it sold, ill try again, thanks for the offer though, atb
  2. This is the hunters edge, Mike Robinson/flint & flame knife. Very capable knife, been used on Fallow and Roe with great effect Comes with leather sheath £130 posted SOLD
  3. Musto Macnab, size medium in fantastic condition. Great jacket, tweed print, very comfortable, lots of pockets, detachable hood, waterproof £120 posted
  4. For sale I have a genuine unused Harris S-BRM Bipod. This is the 6-9 swivel with notched legs in the original packaging £80 posted SOLD
  5. Can you send me details please, specifications for the tripod and clamp
  6. well at least that's some useful information, still wouldn't want to fall out of the tree though lol The timber yard offered me £150, so maybe taking into account they can lift and transport it, that don't sound too bad after all
  7. this is just a off cut, these beams were over 80 foot, I wouldn't want to fall from a tree that high, im not sure what you'd call a big tree lol I'm more than happy to entertain those who clearly don't have the ability to occupie their own minds long enough to feel the need to comment, it saves some other poor sod falling victim to their nonsense, probably give their wives a rest from it all too 😂
  8. Clearly you know nothing. Absolutely every word you've said on this post as already be discredited by the fact I've had offers for everything you said isn't worthy, by professionals in the field of lumber, please stick to pigeon shooting topics 😁 The offer was nowhere near the price, hence it being here. It is however a fall back option. He obviously has the machinery to deal with it and being in the trade will want a profit himself
  9. A local timber yard have already offered to buy it with the intentions of planking it, hence where the idea cane from..!!
  10. No creosote, nails or scews
  11. 3.6m in length, 13.5" square. American Red Wood, believed to be Douglas Fir. This is part of one of four main stansion that formed part the main structure holding up railway bridge 166 on the up and down barnsley main line between Wombwell Station and Barnsley Station which stood for over 100 years Its a substantial piece and would look great planked or plained and used as is. Due to the size and weight suitable transport will be required, and ideally a winch. Failing that its going to be a six man struggle No idea regarding price, so ill start high and dis
  12. Wish these were 26mm, good luck with the sale
  13. Basically yeah. That particular jacket in the link I believe is the mk2 version. The only difference I can see is the rubber tabs on the velcro cuffs, otherwise it's more or less the same. Two small hand warmer pockets, two lower pockets, detachable hood, completely packable into it's own inside pocket
  14. Good used condition. Size small in Olive green, complete with detatable hood. Great little lightweight jacket, packable into it's own inside pocket. Freshly washed and reproofed in nikwax tech wash and nikwax direct wash in £60 posted
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