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  1. I didn't want to just drift away ( not my style) so I thought I would let you all know that's it for me, I've decided to call it a day permanently on the PW forum .... I've been a member since 2003 and joined when it was a great and informative site.... but I feel its been eroded away in the last few years.( in part by idiots like me) I'm afraid I've outgrown it and its time to move on to something else. I have lots of other things to do and have been spending far too much time on the site in recent months. My wife thinks we are all children and she is probably right To be honest, I've been a shooter for over 40 years and probably wont even renew my shotty this year. I intend to do more conservation work for the RSPB and BTO and also dedicate more time to painting birds rather than shooting them and fishing which is my first love. Its been fun winding you kippers up over the last 12 months but its time for you all to play amongst yourselves. I will still honour my pledge for the winner of the PW fantasy league so who ever wins please pm me with your choice of bird. You wont be hearing from me again and I wont be looking in ( honest ) Remember all..... shoot within the confines of the law, show some respect and compassion for your quarry and you will always have sport ( particularly if you vote Conservative ) sorry could resist that one Good luck to all (particularly KW, Poontang, Welsh One and Scully who have been admirable adversaries) and all the other good friends and acquaintances I've made in the last 12 years...I sincerely wish you all well. and goodbye. Per ardua ad astra.. Mike.
  2. Oh yes Tightchoke absolutely...any one who knows me Integrity is my middle name... that's it for me.... I've been a member since 2002 and joined when it was a great and informative site.... but its been eroded away in the last few years. I'm afraid I've outgrown it and its time to move on to something else. Its been fun winding you kippers up over the last 12 months but its time for you all to play amongst yourselves. I will still honour my pledge for the winner of the PW fantasy league so who ever wins please pm me with your choice. You wont be hearing from me again and I wont be looking in ( honest ) Good luck to all particularly KW, Poontang, Welsh One and Scully who have been admirable adversaries...I sincerely wish you well. and goodbye. Per ardua ad astra..
  3. You have my sympathy...I got caught similarly last year...the Paypal site was very plausible...I believe they just send out thousands and thousands of computer generated emails until one address strikes lucky. I changed my email address to as many characters as possible ( within reason ! ) Hope you get it all sorted without any personal loss.
  4. More political point scoring by the kipper nimbys ? This is fundamentally about the race issue as you lot put it..don't try and gild it up any other way with clever rhetoric because I and other intelligent posters can see trough it. Yes I did vote them in so did many millions more who don't have the same extreme political views ...You really cant get over it can you. I hope this forum isn't going to be bombarded with 5 years of anti everything other than ukip, white and British otherwise I'm off and you bitter disillusioned lot lot can post your bile amongst yourselves and stew in your own self pity.
  5. Sorry you misunderstand me ..I meant to say real Cornish pasties don't know of any one that makes genuine Cornish pasties these days, which are savory (meat or fish one end) and sweet the other. saw some in a bakers in Penzance many years back but not recenty.
  6. Indeed and people trying to score political kudos out of others misery... disgusting...as a wealthy developed nation we should be doing all we can to help these poor people... I'm afraid I've completely lost faith in some members of the human race and they accuse me of being arrogant and self centred. !
  7. I'm for real mate...boy are the closet racists out in force tonight...I can only imagine you've been drinking..I don't give a **** about your grandchildren...this is now and happening to people we've been trying to exploit for the last 150 years... I bet your quite happy to fill your car with their oil... Hypocritical Muppet
  8. Far too many vehicles in London these days... Boris is many things but he's certainly not an idiot. Personally I think a cycle super highway is a great idea Unless we do something radical about the volume of traffic entering our major cities before long they will be like china gridlocked for hours and hours at a time.
  9. Cornwall is many things but its certainly not cheap.! Plus Cornish Pasties don't exist these days do they ?...when I was in St Ives last year I walked up through the town very early morning. A delivery driver was loading trays of pasties into one of the shops on the high street and I had a chat with the driver...He had driven down that morning from Birmingham.. The pasties were made in Solihull. Thanks to the return of a stable Conservative Government the pound has really soared, so why not take advantage of a package deal abroad..it will be much cheaper .........one of the benefits of being in the EU
  10. There was a quite a bloom of greenfly from the local trees surrounding my house this afternoon and the Martins and swallows were having a field day mopping them up in flight. I sat on a reclining chair watching them, mesmerised for a good hour. They were gradually climbing as the flies rose on the thermals to a height when they were almost out of sight. I noticed at about 12 -1500m up a single raptor just hanging in the wind I thought it was a kestrel at first but when I got the bins on it I made out the form of a juvenile Peregrine. It was really amusing watching it single out and diving on the Martins sporadically before climbing and trying again and again. Then a group of racing pigeons flew down the valley about 500 or so feet below and it folded its wings and dived into the middle of them...being inexperienced it missed the intended target and after pulling up and rounding on it proceeded to chase it across the sky for a good 10 seconds before giving up ( peregrines don't have the level flight speed to out run a 45 MPH pigeon on the wind ) Not to be outdone it climbed again and hung in the wind for a few more minutes until we both spotted its next intended victim. A solitary magpie was fighting directly underneath it albeit quite a distance away. I was amazed at what the bird did next... it folded into dive position and at an angle almost vertical dived at a speed which was incredible to the naked eye, it missed the magpie first pass, which, obviously alarmed, foolishly decided to climb rather than head for the tree canopy. Quick as a flash the peregrine turned, climbed again and was on it within seconds. The two birds intertwined spiralled towards the ground, The magpie broke free but was obviously injured as its flight was slow. Within a second or two the peregrine hit again from behind and slowly drifted to the ground into a field behind the church yard.... Isn't Nature an amazing thing.
  11. Ordinary people would have been put in prison...he had the money to settle out of court. Decent club player but played for Liverpool in an era when they were poor generally Never really consistent for England. Remarkable achievement playing just for one club though in this day and age.
  12. This is a humanitarian issue not a political one...we have a moral obligation to help and take our share in my opinion. We will appear insular and uncaring and our reputation around the world will be further tarnished if we don't.
  13. I would say that's game set and match. Go steady with the white supremacists though....they get very aggressive when there true motives are exposed.
  14. Don't sit on the fence ...which one of your UKIP PW chronies are you referring to..? My Money would be on KW. Ok I'll stop now, I think you kippers have all been ridiculed and humiliated enough as pay back for the 80 odd pages of pro-ukip drivel you subjected us all to pre election I hope, though, you can all come to terms with the fact that the Conservatives won a majority, Britain wont be leaving the EU anytime soon, and you will have to accept Mr & Mrs Kumar might still move in next door. I still think Farage should do something about his stained teeth though. Bye and thanks for a interesting and lively debate...
  15. No not at all... any politician that makes a career of oration ought to at least take some pride in his personal appearance, especially when they are in the public eye. Personal hygiene is very important to me Didn't matter what he was saying on qt the other night I was put off by them
  16. If Nige does have a future in politics he needs to get to the Dental Hygenist and have something done with his fag stained teeth ... They are in a dreadful state.
  17. Thanks for your concern about my spleen and plums I would worry about your own...
  18. Very well, thanks for asking, I'm 25% through the planned regime and have lost 25% of my target weight. I have loads of energy, and since I've lost the initial visceral fat which is the dangerous stuff around your organs, have never felt better. I'm not looking to lose too much weight as I am actually replacing fat with muscle using a high protein diet. I had a slight diversion at the Cotswold bash recently but all we ate was meat, meat and more meat so the protein intake was maintained.
  19. I bet Lucille is worth an absolute fortune now ...was lucky enough to catch a date on his 2006+ farewell tour at Wembley arena in 2009...the 75 year old John Mayall and 83 year old King still rocking it with gusto and passion. I have several of Kings albums including my favourite "there must be a better world somewhere" A life well lived.
  20. As question times go... one of the worst...It was a damp squib for me and I had difficulty staying awake.. Only Zanny Minton Beddoes held my interest and the audience seemed rather damp as well. I still think the infection in the UKIP party hasn't really set in yet and will increase in the next few weeks... the issue seems to be that the single MP is not the leader or vice versa... Carswell appears to be playing his cards close to his chest over this issue and I think perhaps many Ukip members would at least want to see the Leader of the party have a seat in the commons. Brian May looked like he was wasted.!
  21. I think you overlook the fact that 90% of the country are not shooters and are animal lovers., or bunny huggers as you put it and the public always support someone who champions the animals.
  22. Very Droll...the Tories survived that though and came back twice as strong... I would be tempted to find another militant party to support if I were you because come 2020 I think UKIP will be history. Hopefully before tomorrow, Ukips ineptitude will have swelled my coffers even more thanks to a donation from Joe Ladbroke. :lol: That's incredibly astute of you. I've just struck another bet with Paddy Power that Farage will defect to the Conservatives.
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