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  1. If you know anyone who fits burglar alarm systems they have the perfect batteries to run a magnet,all 12volt and selection of amp from 7 - 17 and they usually have several used batteries from having to do alarm upgrades for people that they will be happy to give away.
  2. Thanks everyone for getting back to me, you have saved me alot of hassle it seems!! The pigeon shooter web site looks the ticket so will be getting in touch with him tomo. Thanks again
  3. Hi can anyone tell me if this firm (decoying).co.uk is still in business?. Brackets not included in address but had to insert them to get it to show up here. Am wanting to buy a pigeon magnet and have emailed them and tried phoning, but cant get any answer. Was advised to get a magnet with an adjustable motor height and this is the only ones I can find. Many thanks
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