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  1. had a .204 for 2 seasons and reload for it and haveing used all the others i wouldnt swap it for anything, its cheap to reload, setup an inch high at 100 and its still shooting half inch groups an inch high at 225 yards, components readily available when i want them, very little recoil and surprisingly quiet even unmoderated, mine is a savage 12fv its no lightweight but you would have to spend serious money to find a more accurate rifle in any calibre
  2. mark g

    Buying gold bars

    quite a few senior labour figures accrued some serious money around them in the years following that sale as the price rose, liar in chief and deputy ended up with lots more properties than thier salaries could ever have sustained, probably just a coincidence, socialists dont like personal wealth do they?
  3. looks like police can use trail camera evidence http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-24683622 only had log thieves and some petty pilfering with mine upto yet but they are handy to have
  4. you can come and have a day with us kieth, m54 junction 3 area
  5. i can do you a 150 plus driven pheasant day, december or january we are shropshire staffs border area, pm or see ad on guns on pegs http://www.gunsonpegs.com/shooting-uk/west-midlands/shropshire/lizard-hill-shoot_4268?ref=newsfeed
  6. its not really about maintaining anonymity and the tax amounts involved are fairly small its the bookwork and hassle shoots and beaters would most like to avoid,
  7. yes tea and coffee on arrival, soup and pie midway through the day, shoot through till around 3pm, unfortunately we dont yet have facilities to offer a post shoot dinner on site, as the shoot lodge formerly a keepers house at one time is in need of a bit of an upgrade and what with all the other work involved i just havent got to that yet, but there are few good pubs nearby, so we have tried to set the price for these days as no frills driven days
  8. due to taking on an extra 1800 acres of a neighbouring estate we have a few days left to let in december and january, these will be 100 bird + driven days predominantly pheasant, price will be £325 per gun based on 8 guns,no overage charge we peg for 9 guns. the estate consists of about 350 acres of woodland with the farming split between arable and veg production and has always been a shoot, although has been run as a small syndicate shoot for some years, dates available to suit providing they dont clash with days on our home estate, saturdays are best for us if interested please pm me with a contact number and i will get in touch, if you would like to have a look around the shoot before booking with us i would be happy to give you a guided tour,
  9. yes thought a woodpecker would prob know a hornet from a larch wasp but hornets are yellow and black not brown unless they have taken to dust bathing
  10. sounds like a larch wasp to me, not all that common and fairly harmless, but they do look a bit fearsome, the big stingy looking thing is for laying eggs in bark
  11. that is exactly what it is but i would rather kids had a meal via cameron and clegg awful though they are than still be living under blair and browns faux socialist spend anything to stay in power bunch
  12. i would be tempted to stick with the farming, i have been keepering for nearly 25 years, the harder you work the more days you get asked to provide, the expected bags get bigger every year the first day gets a week earlier every year. farmers only come out when the sun shines, and even then only after they have claimed a eu subsidy for tinted windows in the range rover, new raybans etc.
  13. did you get fed up of cheesy chips in the cafe next to the pub?
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