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  1. I have tried several others - Bergara by a country mile - fantastic bit of kit http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/220178-bergara-stag-folding-shooting-seat-l67/
  2. This is what the offending article looks like.............. 32mm diameter I have tried contacting Rotalink - they can't (or won't) supply to the public directly
  3. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any contact details for them? I have Googled Combo Motors UK without success :-( .
  4. Hi, I have one of these (excellent) lightweight rotary machines - from UK Shoot Warehouse - Sillosock Hypalite Rotary (also sold by Bushwear) See> http://www.ukshootwarehouse.com/sillosock-hypalite-rotary Unfortunately, after several years of use and abuse, the 'gearbox' has stripped a couple of cogs. It's a small unit - about 4cm across, and sits on top of the similarly sized motor. I've contacted UKSW to see if I can get one seperately and they don't have any - they say all the units are pre-assembled by their supplier and they only order in the required qty to ma
  5. I had a similar problem with my 391, discovered it was operator error on my part! When loading the 2nd and 3rd cartridges into the receiver I wasn't always pushing the 3rd cartridge quite hard enough in (I blame my gloved hands lol!) The result was that the 3rd one was just going past the carrier assembly and not clicking 'home' into the magazine tube. Took me a while to figure it out because I only did it now and again and therefore the problem seemed intermittent! Felt such a fool when I realised what I'd been doing - I had blamed the gun, cartridges, cleaned it to death etc.
  6. I bought one just before Christmas - easily picks up a dozen cartridges and for around £25 much cheaper than some of those I looked at - DECOY brand. See http://webshop.gun.co.uk/shooting-accessories/shotgun-accessories/decoy-magnetic-cartridge-pick-up-stick.html One of my friends bought the Seeland pencil type and managed to break it 1st time out (they are telescopic, like a radio aerial and therefore can be fragile if you are a bit hamfisted with them - as he obviously was!!) Mine's the collapsible walking stick type, pretty sturdy and ideal for finding empties thrown into the ne
  7. Caddyman


    Have a look at Veligandu Island Resort We stayed there the year before last and it was fantastic. We've been to the Maldives a few times and I think that was the best place - food was amazing! We had a beach villa (quieter than water villas we think) one of the two nearest to the Dive Centre, and it was spot on.
  8. Hi, As per title, anyone any experience of Heatmor outdoor furnaces? They are basically a stand alone, wood-burning boiler which you have in the garden and link into the house heating/hot water supply. http://www.heatmor.com/products.php I went to the Sack Store in Boston at the weekend to have a look, they are using one to heat the entire place. Looks like a good alternative to horribly expensive OIL but of course requires daily loading to keep going etc. Would be glad to hear from anyone who has one. Thanks
  9. Sealskinz are great, really toastie warm, but I also use the 'Hunting' version because I had problems with the latest version of the shooting ones. The latest shooting ones keep the folded back trigger finger in place using strong magnets sewn into the gloves (rather than the usual velcro fastening). Sounds fine but actually when you use them the damn magnets pick up cartridges from your pockets when you are reloading - hilarious to all your shoot buddies as you scramble on the ground picking them up. http://www.sealskinz.com/UK/gloves/kj492-shooting-gloves-olive.html See where t
  10. Yet another vote for Alt-Berg. I'm on my 2nd pair of their leather walking boots (still use the old pair for gardening!) I also have their motorcycle boots which are amazingly comfortable and durable.
  11. Just a heads up to anyone out there who may be offered a Land Rover 90 or parts thereof. My friend had GREEN Land Rover 90 300TDi stolen from outside of the house last night. Louth area of North Lincolnshire. Reg No. is L683RYG Pretty common problem sadly, I suspect it will never turn up - but you never know - someone out there might get a sight of it somewhere further afield?
  12. Go the the WILDFIRE restaurant on Rose Street (just behind and running parallel to Princes Street) http://www.wildfirerestaurant.co.uk/index.html Absolutely marvelous place we discovered by accident a few years back - never disappoints. You might need to book in advance though as it's quite small. She might like shopping at JENNERS department store - on Princes St. - known as the 'Harrods of the North' - lovely old place. Enjoy
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