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  1. Merlin64

    John Wilson

    Just heard the sad news that John Wilson passed away , one of our Angling legends And fantastic presenter . I loved his shows so inspiring. Rest in peace John
  2. Yes it’s a good price these are £395 new and only available from a dealer in a Wigan gunshop.
  3. I will now take £280 with 3 boxes of cartridges that cost £11 a box . I think that’s a good price for a nearly new gun. I have put less than 3 boxes of cartridges through it.
  4. Will take £300 no offers as I think that’s a give away price for such a quality rifle.
  5. Merlin64

    Gun Cabinet

    Going at £60.00 now. These are £155 new on e bay so I think this is a good price .
  6. Merlin64

    Gun Cabinet

    Price reduced to £70 .
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