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  1. TT will probably cut one off soon.
  2. George cross nominations should be in order for the members of the public who tackled this wild eyed nutter. Notwithstanding the big knife, he could have detonated a real device at any moment. Well done, they saved lives today.
  3. Its another yankism... they have freshwater bass over there so need to draw a distinction
  4. Hopefully a daily reaming out by 'the sisters' will make that a very unpleasant 26 and 18 years.
  5. Happens all the time... they spent years and millions of $ developing the xm8/xm25 system and then cancelled it because of the logistics replacing the m4/m16 variants currently in service
  6. And what do you suggest as a cost effective alternative? Dumped in a paupers grave with no one to mourn them? These are are still somebody's loved ones.
  7. Some polywatch will sort the crystal out... you'd be amazed at what it can do to acrylic crystals... I'm very jealous of your find!
  8. miroku mk70


    Trump is a moron of the first order. His political and military advisors are clearly from the same mould. Lets just hope theres no isis resurgence as we cant expect any help from the kurds from now on. What a betrayal.
  9. A dream charity shop find! Well done... That will be awesome when its cleaned up, i assume its an acrylic/hesalite crystal?
  10. So youre annoyed that the nhs dont keep a jab on hand for an infection that isnt an issue in this country?
  11. I managed to strip the chrome off some very expensive taps by using the muck.
  12. Thats such a wonderful, but heartbreaking story. I think I've got something in my eye....
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