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  1. Some polywatch will sort the crystal out... you'd be amazed at what it can do to acrylic crystals... I'm very jealous of your find!
  2. miroku mk70


    Trump is a moron of the first order. His political and military advisors are clearly from the same mould. Lets just hope theres no isis resurgence as we cant expect any help from the kurds from now on. What a betrayal.
  3. A dream charity shop find! Well done... That will be awesome when its cleaned up, i assume its an acrylic/hesalite crystal?
  4. So youre annoyed that the nhs dont keep a jab on hand for an infection that isnt an issue in this country?
  5. I managed to strip the chrome off some very expensive taps by using the muck.
  6. Thats such a wonderful, but heartbreaking story. I think I've got something in my eye....
  7. No- i just cant understand why anyone would feel they had a right to someone elses pension fund...
  8. "half her pensions" i realise shes done the dirty on you, but why should you be entitled to half her pensions?
  9. Apart from the ridiculous assertion that the japs, who were masters of the use of terrain would allow the yanks to get up on the ridge on a scrambling net, form up and then attack. However the combat scenes are terrific and really give a terrifying impression of the close combat that was typical in the pacific... okinawa was a terrible campaign.
  10. That was the problem- He'd already got one on... and a pound of warm liver on the go...
  11. "Mr tumble is" sinister, "mr tumble makes us" nervous... we call him mr paedo in our house.
  12. miroku mk70

    The War

    I can see where you're coming from... i have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices of our forebears and a massive interest in military history. But this constant anniversaries of d day thing is starting to grate. Why not other campaigns and dates- anzio, monte cassino, the dieppe landings, kohima etc? You would think 6 june 44 was the only day anybody paid the price for freedom. I think its mainly down to lazy and ignorant journalism as d day is the only ww2 they've heard of. D day itself wasn't even that costly apart for the yanks at omaha. The later normandy campaign was particularly grim but we wont be hearing about the anniversary of operation Goodwood in july will we...
  13. I believe that gressingham ducks are muscovy. Damn tasty.
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