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    Architect by profession.

    Other interests include Shooting / Pest Control, Motorcycling, Nitro Trucks & Carp fishing. Power tools, DIY welding, generally very good with my hands....
  1. With the recent debacle, I quite fancied treating myself to a Benelli 828u Sport, but a bit pointless if it's just going to sit in a cabinet. I can imagine retail sales of shotguns across the country will have halted. I can't imagine many now moving on the 2nd hand market either. There are outlets like A1 Decoys that will be heavily hit by recent events. I only shoot pigeons once or twice a year, but frustrated that sporting shooting is being ruled out. I do do it to protect crops, for the farmer, but only at key times of the year.
  2. As post 2, a location would be handy. Interested in the bulk powder...
  3. The only price I can see is £0.00, so are they free?
  4. JS Ramsbottom are cheaper and a sponsor for other forums....
  5. I think your describing the competition seater dies with the little window that you drop the bullet into before completing the upward stroke on the press. As far as I am aware these are calibre specific and bought as a set. I find a good chamfer on the inside of the case with boat tailed bullets I can load these no problem, but the appeal of the simplicity of just dropping a bullet in had its appeal.
  6. Just travelled back from Coventry today Will send PM regarding pictures.... Sandy
  7. As title, as new as was a warranty replacement and completely unused, boxed with all accessories. No charger or batteries, just the boxed unit as you'd get from Deben. Still cracking torches and wanting £55 plus postage / £60 posted.
  8. You could have had your pick of 6 tonight..... One was 3/4 grown and in 100% condition, would have made for an excellent example..... Just a shame I hadn't had a reply from you....
  9. Where are you located? My shooting partner had a full .204 set-up including some good dies, but passed away in Nov 2014. I've sold quite a few of his other things with proceeds going to his widow... I've at least: Lee press Forster dies Balancing beams Powder I also shoot .204 and reload, and wouldn't go back to factory ammunition again. We both bought 120 rounds of factory ammo between us and still have most of my share as we reloaded straight away.
  10. I don't normally trawl the wanteds and gutted as I shot 3 only last night and 9 last weekend.... Are you prepared to travel to Peterborough to collect if say I shot 2 or so? Free of course, just don't want to be bringing them home only to decompose in my garage then take out again to dump.... I don't think Royal Mail will take them..... Sandy
  11. That's cheap! Trying to get what my close friend paid for them for his now widow, absolute best can do is £25 posted Please post acceptance and confirmations via thread. Sandy
  12. I have for sale three sealed bags of 100 .22 Hornet Winchester Brass - £32 per bag of 100 posted.
  13. £150 based on the original listing from the hyperlink...
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