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  1. 2 Spaces Available in Small Syndicate based in Suffolk. Informal walk one stand one, shooting over 400 Acres.1000 birds down. 8 days shooting plus year round vermin control. No rifle shooting permitted. £475-00 Per gun. PM for further details.
  2. I am afraid this is now let. Thanks to all who have shown their interest. Regards
  3. Flight Pond/Flighting Area to let for 2018-2019 Located in the Waveney Valley in a well established wildfowling area close to main waterways. Main pond around 0.18 Acre plus areas which splash up into the season. Located in 27 acres of wetland with good access. Been shot for over 20 years by current syndicate of 6 guns but now they are retiring and wish to give up. Permanent hides in place. Area surrounded by woodland. Good numbers of duck and Geese, plenty of pinks £1200 Per Year- formal one year lease arrangements with conditions of conduct etc. PM for further details
  4. I ended up still running through my original septic tank and then into the Klargester, it is a acts as a primary settlement, not had to empty in 8 years
  5. Unopened 7lb bag of loose Hevi-Shot for sale. Shot Size 4 The real stuff. £150.00 + £15 Post & Packing
  6. Not so cheaper when they end up banning lead altogether as that is whats coming next. As far as I am aware there has been only one prosecution for use of lead on wildfowl and that was only because they were doubling up on the charge against the guy of shooting a mute swan- protected species as well as using lead as it is classed as wildfowl
  7. A very good summing up of some horse owner's. Another good point to mention is that the vast majority of them are full of pomp on the money side- most dont have two farthings to rub together but would like to give the opinion they are loaded. I had a good few run ins with a local so called equestrian center which opened up next to my shoot. I soon found with the horse mob when you give an inch they will take a mile and keep going for more in their provocative. In fact relations deteriated that much I had pens left open and general aggravating vandalism which I could only aportion down to them. However they didnt have the boxes ticked on the planning side, local councils always a bit touchcy about agricultural land and change of use to equestrian as it is a quick buck on the sale for the landowner and it ended up getting closed down. End result-My farmer buys the land and the whole lot goes under the plough and I get that to shoot and all. I offered my services in the demolition line as well, it was more than a pleasure for me to stick a digger bucket through all the stables they left behind as a weekend favour.
  8. Cherry will soon be a thing of the past, they know it is too hard to box off completely. The proposals are to make all diesel white and then those that qualify claim it back quarterly. Plus side to the goverment- You have used it and then it is up to the establishment to pay you back, once you have proved you have used it! Down side to user- Thousands of pounds laid out and a chance Mr Taxman wont give you it back if he thinks you aint used that amount!!. Big hit to plant people as well like crane companies and general operators of plant!
  9. I wouldnt put cherry in an Audi A6, it defo wont like it. A farmer I know got his missus going when she ran out of fuel down on his long lane down to the farm by putting a gallon in and by the time they had wound it over a few times and the fuel got through all the engine management lights were up like a christmas tree- it was a trip to the main dealer and 1500-00 bill. You cannot put cherry in new engined motors, most from around 2004 onwards, especially any of the german marques, they dont like it!!
  10. I am up in the Quantocks at the moment, and enjoying the view over the channel. Whats the wildfowling like up here, I expect it is good?
  11. Great or not, it still cost 27 million, which at this current time the country does'nt hav to spend. There is many a country still feeling the cost from hosting the olympics, even now
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