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  1. My advice is to ge a 4x4 that can be switched into one of several 4x4 modes. I bought this vehicle( Lincoln Navigator) in 2003. It carrys a load of people and dogs to shoots and can pull a massive load over the mountains. When it had 200, 000miles on it I went looking for a replacement but could not find anything i liked better. I put a new engine and transmission in it and still love driving it over another 100,000 miles later.In the next couple of years i will finally replace it (It is the suv in front of the caravan) good luck on the search
  2. Yes we old friends get together for a few days near the end of wildfowl season at a property on the eastern shore of Virginia USA. It was a oyster packing station in the 1800s and the remnants of an old general store from that era is on the property. A very large marsh with many small ponds and access to the main creek feeding in from the Chesapeake Bay is ideal habitat for attracting duck geese and Swans . I am fortunate to have a friend that purchased this place many years ago.. We usually bring along a Grandson or Nephew to do retrieving in the Marsh where we don't want to risk a dogs eyes on the needle grass growing there..
  3. simcgunner

    Duck camp

    Guess who brought the venison Jerky.
  4. simcgunner

    Duck guns

    winchester duck guns I use for wildfowl.
  5. Well done . Lovely gun . I have a hammer 8 bore Enos James Gun that I wish i could take wildfowling over here . That is what it was built to do. My gun has no choke in the barrels and I doubt I could take a 50 yard shot.at a Goose. If you dont mind how much choke dose your gun have. And what size ITX did you load? Years ago the government outlawed shooting wildfowl here with anything larger than a 10 bore. I am envious.
  6. we have a generous resident goose limit but the problem is they have settled in amung us and no shooting allowed areas. airports, hospital helipads golf courses have to hire herding dogs to keep the landing zones clear. It is Illegal to rally or scare waterfowl up for shooting. Some outfitter was caught rallying birds off fields with a small plane and got a very hefty fine in federal court. maybe a good job for a drone?
  7. We have the same problem with them here the greater Canada used to be the birds that did not Migrate. The lessor Canadas used to always fly north in the summertime. now we are plagued with them everywhere shopping center fountains and any greenspace. have birds year round. My work took me to many shipyards and if you sat outside in nice weather to have some lunch the geese would beg and try to steal your meal from you
  8. There are thousands of resident Canada's here at every borrow pit golf course, pond and large puddle that do not Migrate. They leave an awful mess. The one bird limit applies to Migrating Geese in the flyway. The gun is a Ithaca Magnum 10 bore the first gun chambered for winchesters 3.5 inch magnum round. Hand loaded with Bismuth shot.
  9. Here stateside the Atlantic flyway limit for Canada goose was one per day.Took this one the last day of the season
  10. Sorry mix of sporting dogs rarely produce a good working dog. These mongrels can work out sometimes but it is unlikely. They will make good pets but breeding standards for sporting dogs were arrived at by breeders using dispassionate sometimes ruthless methods to get to the traits desired. breeding a designer dog by crossing two purebred but different breeds (labadoodle ,Sprocker terrierWhippet. etc).. Is not a good way to get a gundog.IMHO. When in doubt get a lab. My Choice are GSPs for a dog).
  11. A couple in hand while walk up shooting
  12. The woodcock have been late showing up this year hear abouts. RecentlyI I took a young midshipman on his first shoot and he bagged His first woodcock it was also the first one that we found this season.
  13. No line large bell on a GPS collar with a good headlight two dogs and an party armed with bear spray and Shotguns. (rifled slugs) .
  14. Here in Virginia bow hunting for deer season started this week. I had the dogs out for some exercise tonight and decided to stop by an area that is popular with bow hunters and see if anyone had some luck. i spoke to an old fellow that was checking out of his assigned area and He told me he killed a mature doe and had dragged the deer to his tree stand and then went to collect his cart to haul the deer out of the hunting area. when he returned with the cart the doe was gone. he looked around and could not find it.. he called the game warden for the area and the warden came to meet him.and said they were having a problem with bears and a bear had probably stole the deer in the few minutes that he went to collect his cart. I offered to track down the doe for him and the game warden said to put my two dogs in the little off road gator and off we went in the dark to the site the deer was last seen. the puppy immediately got on the trail and went about 30 yards and down into a deep gully.There was the doe the bear had started to feed on it and was scared away by the dogs and our little group.Im a bit chuffed and proud of my young (2 year old GSP bitch) shes doing what a versatle hunting dog is bred for.
  15. That is a great launcher it is designed to launch live birds. They are a well designed aid be used for training a young dog to hold a steady point. that size is perfect for pigeons or quail . I wish i could find a used one that size here. I have several DT systems launchers but they are larger and hold pheasant and Duck size birds. I feel the smaller launchers are more versatile. That is a good professional training tool at a good price
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