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  1. Most folks likely never heard of him but this fine gent had one of the finest gun shops in the world. a look at his web site will impress you but his inventory of classic fine Guns and related art work may be unsurpassed. a visit to his shop was a highlight of the year. He could speak quite knowledgeably about almost any fine gun or rifle. He traveled the world buying and selling rare Guns and equipment. a peak at his web site before it looses his touch is the kind of shop you would like to sped an afternoon or two with a glass of single malt. God Speed Steve.
  2. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bing.com%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fview%3Ddetail%26mid%3DD0124B030D533C055BD2D0124B030D533C055BD2%26q%3DMan%2BSaves%2Ba%2BDog%26shtp%3DFacebook%26shid%3D60ce08a7-ba85-4711-8751-eb0c9aafefe5%26shtk%3DTWFuIFNhdmVzIFBldCBEb2cgRnJvbSBBbGxpZ2F0b3IncyBNb3V0aA%3D%3D%26shdk%3DTWFuIFNhdmVzIFBldCBEb2cgRnJvbSBBbGxpZ2F0b3IncyBNb3V0aC4gRG9nIHN1cnZpdmVkLCBpcyBmaW5lLg%3D%3D%26shhk%3DEGHJKNBL8XpvsnC3QrX3E31%2BqV6uG0XD6%2BuGC5rqoDo%3D%26form%3DVDSHFB%26shth%3DOSH.Go8VoPH1pxLDKQ%252BGjXDorg&h=AT39XKCQtrZLThRcS1x3vLfiljLffJSZRGWP3jf9OQrxtxS4L8cjSoM7v3gPOXbZKzPltm5RO
  3. Good luck on finding your dog. is stealing dogs a common problem? A Chessie is not a common breed and super waterfowlers.
  4. Thats what happened to me. I did not stay on top of delivery date and waited too long. I believe that company is back doing business as MENIMAL UK caution when dealing with them.
  5. I ordered on ebay and they told me they would keep me posted now they will not answer email. and it is to long a period for ebay to step in . A caution to all with these less than honest folks
  6. I ordered a pigeon magnet from Habit- UK last August and never received it. I believe they are in London.67-68 Hatton Garden, anyone else have trouble with this company? It is way overdue. had to purchase one elsewhere.
  7. Very nice photo. John Deer tractor their motto 'nothing runs like a deer'
  8. Wonderful gun dogs. As someone who has two gsps I also do not recommend them as family pets. The energy and drive of these dogs is remarkable. these working dogs must have a job to do to be happy.
  9. Well done the youngster with a .410, Keep an eye out for a good deal on a 28 GA. If he's killing birds with a 410 He would be absolutely slaying them with a 28.
  10. Factory special order card. When Someone wanted a gun with specific dimensions and performance. 1 stock fit Monte Carlo stock,straight grip, lop, cast off, drop 2 single trigger in rear position set at 3 1/2 lbs pull. 3 barrels bored to shoot#4 and#5 shot 2 or 3 inches high 4 rib 1/2 inch wide at breech and 9/32 at muzzle. With Lyman ivory beads 5 Silvers pad 6 high grade walnut ,oil finished engraving in between grades The person ordering gun was specific on what he wanted. Cost $300 in 1911
  11. Yes daisy red rider. The lad is trying to imitate an obscene hand gesture grandpa unthinkingly made at a Grey squirrel on the bird feeder. Luckily his dexterity is still developing . If he masters it soon and demonstrates it for grandma grandpas life will get complicated. simcgunner Posts: 117 Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:43 pm Location: Chesapeake
  12. You can upgrade the wood but the memories are already pretty good
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