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  1. Figgy is correct. Choke the gun for the type of shooting. Missing Targets missed because of over choked guns will NEVER improve your shooting, .Only practice and technique improvment will. If the gun must be used for different types of shooting put screw in choke or chokes. Jmho.
  2. My post on this subject has some incorrect information.. The Flues was meant to fire 2 !/5 inch Ammo and chambers were 2 5/8 inches to allow the expansion of the rolled crimp.. The gun was intended for low pressure ammo of the era and modern 2 1/5 inch exceeds the proof of the time. In The US low pressure 2 1/5 ammo is available and commonly used in classic old double guns.. The shotgun that replaced the Flues is the NID and that gun can handle higher pressure loads. The Flues action can crack through if modern CIP proofed loads are used
  3. Your Flues will have 2 7/8 inch chambers if not altered. Chamber length can be measured with a steel rule, Or better with a chamber Gage. One can be made from a round wooden dowel turned down to loosely fit the diameter of chamber and marked at. 2 7/8 and 3 inch and 3 1/2 . Cerro safe not the best choice for shotgun chamber . It is fantastic for rifles in doubt of clambering. But a waste for shotguns.
  4. There is a decoy carvers show near me happening this weekend . I am taking a group of Wildfowling guns that date from the mid 1800s (Enos James 8 bore) to a modern 12 bore Winchester . I am still looking for a 4 bore to add to my collection . Its always fun to talk to folks at the show .
  5. Thanks team tractor. Nothing worth while is cheap.
  6. Thank you the only case I can find is from an Italian. Maker Nagrini. They advertise a case that will hold a 34 in bbl panama 1. I may have To order one.
  7. simcgunner


    I have been looking for a case for a three barreled set. 12 bore gun with 28;30 and 32 inch bbls. Any suggestions?
  8. Poor honor.old dog was honoring pups point until the bird walked out of its hiding place. Then she creeped up too close.
  9. The striking and fitting,,conversion to ejectors and the forend was done by me .Engraving by a friend. Actually found another 26 inch set now for skeet and ruffed grouse. I do poor blacking so when ready they will go to a professional.
  10. Fitting a new set of barrels. I decided to fit another set of barrels to my favorite 12 bore. The original 30 inch bbls are choked for sporting clays and I wanted a set of 32inch bbls choked full and full choke for trap shooting. It was a long search to find a set that I could use. After re striking and fitting and installing ejectors in the " new set " I sent them to an engraver. I will use them as is before having them rust blued.
  11. A pre war German cape gun9.3 Rifle and 16 bore shotgun still works well.
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