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  1. Raptors sometimes take game birds. This one gets a pass, I wouldn't care to try snatching it up.
  2. Sad loss. A very talented writer and fine man. RIP.
  3. cant seem to stop inverting pictures .
  4. well done. beauty of a gun.
  5. the eight is on the end. group of wildfowl guns. 34 in. 8bore , 32 in. Ithaca magnum 10-3.5 in. Ithaca super10, Ithaca ,10. 2 9/16chamber, fleus model , AHFoxwildfowl 12 GA 3in magnum, Winchester model1901. Winchester model21 duck 12 GA 3 in
  6. my big Enos James 8 bore has 34 inch barrels an weighs in at 13.5 lbs. It was in very poor shape and I got it for next to nothing. I had to make a top lever spring and the barrels were poorly soldered so I sent them for a strip and relay. I also made a part for the fore end deeley latch. in the states nothing over a 10 bore is allowed to wildfowl. the only game shooting in some areas are wild turkeys and private tower shoots. my 8 has almost no choke. As far as killing birds a 12 bore with a choked barrel will take game further away. The enjoyment of firing almost 2 oz of shot from this b
  7. Beretta is a savy company and have been building guns as long as H&H. it will not lesson the quality of H&H guns. After all being owned by Channel didn't make them smell any better. On the brighter side Audley house will be offering take away Pizza.
  8. I see that Berretta has purchased Holland and Holland from Chanel . Sounds like a better fit. The Italian's are prudent investors and will do a good job.
  9. our last day was yesterday. a snowy day but fun.
  10. Do European woodcock do the Same type of dance?
  11. possible bezor a drop of an acid will tell you by the Oder.
  12. extra full and extra full. I just received a letter from the Fox Historian There were only 35 of these guns made and were bored to shoot 1 7/8 oz heavy shot loads. a good load for a ten bore in a heavy 12 bore. I Will try it out the weekend with some 1.25 oz 3 in bismuth loads
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