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  1. I like to use a bore snake on bolt action rifles pulling through from breech end and out the muzzle. but for cleaning the shotguns i use a tornado style brush as its far superior to any bristle brush. the bore snake works well in the field and accompanied with a quick wipe down of the outside keeps a nice gun case clean.
  2. repairing an old stock can be done . In the usa there are several stockmakers that do this correctly and I have seen remarkable results. It's not just a matter of gluing the pieces back together. Degreasing,reinforcing replacing pieces and dying pieces to match,recheckering and refinishing is a pretty involved process. and if the gun was fit 50 years ago for someone else do you want to put it back where it was? Replacing a stock that the stocker makes to your dimensions may be a good option. trying to fit a stock from another gun is the worst option in my humble opinion as it is unlikely that it will ever fit properly.
  3. The ithaca 37 is an excellent shotgun it you like pumps. They are not big sellers because nearly everyone ever made is still operating and out there somewhere.
  4. Very sad to hear of this youths Killing. I feel sorry as to his family and friends loss.Nothing can return him. If the US dept of State spirited her out of the country for their own reasons I do not see her returning to face British Justice. The US State Dept would be responsible for monetary compensation . As to the victim's family. The Revenge part of Justice incarceration,Day in Court public scrutiny is most likely avoided. As a mother I am sure that she will carry her inexcusable act of negligence with her for ever.
  5. Nice looking gun. a fellow was shooting one at our trap club last year, yous appears to be in better condition. Now you have the excuse to get a bigger safe.
  6. Thank you John amazing.
  7. Looking for a picture of an old patent of a spring loaded butt plate. granted to Enos James of Birmingham. Possibly GB189408892A A Picture of this device would be most appreciated
  8. Looks like a ships rail mounted swivel gun by the trunnions. I believe it was intended to have a firing lock fitted but that part of manufacture was never accomplished. It was fired using a match. very old design. Possibly effective for repelling boarders. Off a junk or barge of some sort would be my guess.
  9. Anybody doing a fancy brush up on a 16 bore. local fellow fitting a 16 with an extra set of barrels and some nice engraving.
  10. Webley and RBL Webley Hand engraved Charcoal case color RBL laser engraving chemical coloring. time will tell if it will hold up to use like the Webley
  11. To find an original high grade Fox can be an expensive proposition. I prefer to take a low grade gun and tart it up some. I file up and polish the action. than send to an engraver friend who can do a pretty good imitation fox style. stock it with a nice piece of walnut. and have a good looking gun to shoot with here is a little 20 gage I did a couple of years ago. I have never met a relative of AH Fox but have met with the great grandson of DM lefever another character, gunmaker of that era. . He made good sidelocks with an interesting barrel mounting arrangement. that was said to be self adjusting..
  12. This gun was made in 1917 as one of a group sent to the pan American exhibition. There is a company in Connecticut that owns the Fox name and hand makes them to order. the guns are very nice and built as before except more modern materials. As bespoke guns they have a long waiting period and have healthy prices. Ainsley Fox was a character. a professional shooter Who had great success at the live bird ring as well at the traps. He wanted to make a gun that professional shooters as well as the common man could use. He used a simple but extremely reliable box lock action. all Fox guns are the same internally from the lowest plain farmers gun the the Presentation models such as the one Theodore Roosevelt took on Safari to Africa. and the single barrel trap gun is slightly different. Fox was a better designer and shooter than a businessman He lost the company and it changed hands and stayed in operation until the 1960s. Grades were from the plain but serviceable Sterlingworth and graded guns A through F offering finer woods, engraving and features like the single trigger(very reliable). They made a wildfowl gun that has a weight of 10 pounds and come with 3 inch chambers. a massive 12 bore for long range shooting. But a small bore Fox is as light and nimble in the hand and a joy to shoot. you could order your Fox to shoot a particular load. and they would take the time to custom tune the gun and stamp the barrels guaranteed. ( Lets say 85 percent 6 inch high 1 1/8 oz #6 at 40 yds Some barrels are marked NOT Guaranteed not because they are unsafe just not bored specially.
  13. I have been properly scolded and humbly accept correction. I hope to remain A member of this forum
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