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  1. simcgunner

    Pictures of our companions.

    Poor honor.old dog was honoring pups point until the bird walked out of its hiding place. Then she creeped up too close.
  2. simcgunner

    Side by Side Club

    The striking and fitting,,conversion to ejectors and the forend was done by me .Engraving by a friend. Actually found another 26 inch set now for skeet and ruffed grouse. I do poor blacking so when ready they will go to a professional.
  3. simcgunner

    Side by Side Club

    Ainsley H Fox.
  4. simcgunner

    Side by Side Club

    Fitting a new set of barrels. I decided to fit another set of barrels to my favorite 12 bore. The original 30 inch bbls are choked for sporting clays and I wanted a set of 32inch bbls choked full and full choke for trap shooting. It was a long search to find a set that I could use. After re striking and fitting and installing ejectors in the " new set " I sent them to an engraver. I will use them as is before having them rust blued.
  5. simcgunner

    Wicked week...

    Brilliant week.
  6. simcgunner

    Side by Side Club

    A pre war German cape gun9.3 Rifle and 16 bore shotgun still works well.
  7. simcgunner

    Finished case

    I was asking what type of glue you used because I am recovering this old double leg of mutton case . The frame appears to be made from some sort of hard board that was laminated together and I plan on using rabbit hide glue.
  8. simcgunner

    Finished case

    Very neat job. What did you use for the dividers and what type of glue please.
  9. simcgunner


    I love Chesapeake's. As a matter of fact I live in Chesapeake Virginia. They are defiantly not labs . For wildfowling in tough conditions a Chessie comes into it's purpose .. Most important is to get a dog that comes from a hunting line. As in other sporting breeds they have been bred and sold for their looks more-so lately than performance in the field. Some health problems and eye problems have crept into some lines. Watch the sire and dam work. If possible. Chessies here are known for their loyalty.often its with one person in the household. With proper training not harsh but firm and consistent they are premier wildfowlers and can do a bang up job in the large pheasant hunting areas.. I've known many that fit into the family life like a Brittney a few that keep hand and arm collections. Best of luck
  10. simcgunner

    Good day last Fall

    another perspective on dove hunting from a sports writer last year Hunting.docxHuHunting.docxHunting.docxnting.docx
  11. simcgunner

    Surprise gold

    Is that a muntjac.? I thought they were found in Asia. I had no Idea they were transplanted.
  12. simcgunner

    Pictures of our companions.

    Grandma and pup
  13. simcgunner

    Side by Side Club

    Here's a picture of an unusual shotgun it's a 20 bore with fully rifled barrels. The rifling is twisted in opposite direction as in a double rifle. It will keyhole slugs at 150 yards. There are many shotgun only areas for whitetail deer hunting here
  14. simcgunner

    One lowland stag to remember...

    Absolutely beautiful Red Stag. Is it from the Scottish lowlands? What type of rifle did you use?
  15. simcgunner

    Botaurus stellaris

    Would you mind giving some technical information camera, lens, speed? Wonderful image