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  1. The front receiver is multi purpose. a slide on winch can be attached front or rear and I Have a carrier for a electric assist trike that I use for sporting clays courses and road training for the dogs. sorry all images seem to invert. must be the international dateline. couldn't be the lagavulin. Landrovers are not a very real option here we do have a dealership with a bad reputation. costs are exorbitant and without the years and depth of support of a robust secondary market the Landy is a rare site on the road here. I have a very large Lincoln Navigator that I absolutely love but with 400,000 miles on it its starting to go.Its the best vehicle I have owned.I don't want a new one and they do not make a Big V8 engine any longer.
  2. I ordered a new Ford transit AWD with a 2 inch lift and front receiver and lots of comfort options including a heavy duty towing package mid high roof and extended length.. At my age (70 plus years ) and 2 HPR dogs I saw myself traveling around in a comfortable vehicle with two dogs. this week I had to do what all dog owners dread and had to put my old dog down. now I Am having second thoughts that that large vehicle. It may be time to downsize instead of going big. I am sipping on some nice old single malt while musing over my decisions.
  3. The Fox model b is not a true AH Fox. It is a sturdy but very plain Steven's model 311 re-profiled to look like a real Fox gun. This was done by the stevens company after purchasing the AH Fox Name. To complicate things further Stevens now takes CSMCs Rbl model re-profiled like a real Fox and sells it as An" A "grade. The RBL is a good gun but again not a true Fox. Ironically CSMC actually makes true AH Fox guns per custom order but they are priced as you would expect a bespoke gun to cost. I began shooting with a model b and it kindled a love of SXS shotguns .
  4. Lovely shotgun. Not very common and if still in shootable .A strip and clean bit of a brush up and keep it black powder proof.is what I would do rather than risk ruining it. Congratulations.
  5. https://fb.watch/5GaMZQTINq/ The sister Hank never wanted.
  6. Russian made surplus rebored 20.1mm cannon barrels. military version designed door breecher. Its not small. called Toz.
  7. Raptors sometimes take game birds. This one gets a pass, I wouldn't care to try snatching it up.
  8. Sad loss. A very talented writer and fine man. RIP.
  9. cant seem to stop inverting pictures .
  10. well done. beauty of a gun.
  11. the eight is on the end. group of wildfowl guns. 34 in. 8bore , 32 in. Ithaca magnum 10-3.5 in. Ithaca super10, Ithaca ,10. 2 9/16chamber, fleus model , AHFoxwildfowl 12 GA 3in magnum, Winchester model1901. Winchester model21 duck 12 GA 3 in
  12. my big Enos James 8 bore has 34 inch barrels an weighs in at 13.5 lbs. It was in very poor shape and I got it for next to nothing. I had to make a top lever spring and the barrels were poorly soldered so I sent them for a strip and relay. I also made a part for the fore end deeley latch. in the states nothing over a 10 bore is allowed to wildfowl. the only game shooting in some areas are wild turkeys and private tower shoots. my 8 has almost no choke. As far as killing birds a 12 bore with a choked barrel will take game further away. The enjoyment of firing almost 2 oz of shot from this black powder proofed gun is still wonderfully satisfying. on the trap field its still effective. I don't know why its got two barrels you can't see for a follow up shot unless there is a strong crosswind. what with the impressive cloud of black powder smoke. not a very practical gun but one of my favorites.
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