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  1. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is not a registered charity, so I think BLESMA is going to be a beneficiary in my will.
  2. I think you have to appeal the revocation. Crown court job.
  3. We had an Arab chap on the shoot who reckoned a Benelli Super Black Eagle was the most reliable. "Three weeks in the desert and it never jams".
  4. I got mine from Dorsettaff on the Stalking Directory forum. Will suit right or left handed shooters, depending which way around it is assembled.
  5. I know a youngster who drank some Roundup with no problems. He's fathered some kids since, so no hormone worries perhaps.
  6. Couldn't be more serious. I know one woman that has just had twins by her 4th or 5th partner and wants another one. That would be her 10th. She is 51 so that will see her drawing child benefit until she gets her OAP.
  7. If you are right, then after the next General Election, Nigel Farage could be Prime Minister.
  8. The Remain side has said that Turkey will not be joining 'any time soon'. Watch this space!
  9. I voted OUT, for fear of remaining in the EUSR.
  10. Perhaps the young thought Glastonbury was more important than the referendum.
  11. Wind down the Welfare State so that only wealth producing people are encouraged to have children.
  12. The Pound is still stronger against the Euro than it was not so long ago.
  13. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.
  14. I reckon Nigel Farage might have had a short position regards the value of the Pound when he almost conceded defeat just after the polls closed. If so, he's played a blinder.
  15. A Lee Loader kit, some good scales and a powder trickler should enable you to load very accurate rounds.
  16. Park Shore on the Beaulieu is supposed to be a good place for Smuts. http://www.beaulieuriver.co.uk/about/fishing
  17. I just spoke to someone who was in Turkey 3 weeks ago, he said everything is priced in Euros. So much for Cameron reckoning Turkey wouldn't be joining 'any time soon'
  18. The poster was published before she was shot.
  19. Sounds like worthwhile exercise.
  20. I thought the thread was just sarcasm from the beginning, starting with the title.
  21. As someone said. "The truth is out there".
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