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    Bad news

    More bad news for the shooting community after one man was shot dead and three people injured in the Isle of Skye and mainland. A man was tasered and arrested following the incidents on Wednesday morning on three isolated communities on Skye and Lochalsh. Not known if the gun or rifle as a legally held weapon but there shall no doubt be fall out for the shooting community. Blackpowder.
  2. 1958 aged 17 armed with a deadly 9mm Acme bolt action. Yearned a .410 but in fact graduated to a ghastly 12 bore single barrel folding hammerless onwards to a Army and Navy hammer gun which I still own but no longer use. Blackpowder
  3. Got a Pheonix Phlighter backpacking tent advertised on Gumtree with pics, used less than ten times. Blackpowder.
  4. Work of art their. Blackpowder
  5. used lurpak for years but now get ordinary standard Scottish Butter and dont keep it in the fridge. Blackpowder
  6. A little off topic but what happened to long time editor Jonathan Young, he seemed to disappear suddenly about 2 years ago? Blackpowder
  7. All rings a belle even the bladder bit.. Spare ribs, sausage , potted head various puddings and rolled bacon and hams hanging next to the fly papers. Blackpowder
  8. So bison do not break wind? Blackpowder
  9. I presume that the temperatures forecast are equal to those frequently experienced in countries further south. Do these countries post daily warnings about the dangers of high temperatures? Blackpowder
  10. Vango are mountaineering based I have found their tents excellent. Blackpowder
  11. A1 through north Northumberland and Berwickshire was was as busy as I have ever seen it on Saturday. Blackpowder
  12. Exactly when I started shooting in the late 1950s 28 inch barrels were the most sought after, now its anything from 30 inch upwards seems to be the trend. Whatever suits but I do not think many 6 foot plus shooters would want 25 inch barrels. Blackpowder
  13. All the best for a successful op and speedy recovery. Blackpowder
  14. Others on this thread have compared the price of guns against earnings. In my Forrest and Sons catalogue with hand written date 1921 the price of a 10ft 6in greenheart trout rod was £4 : 18s , the 10ft 6in rod in 1957 was a straight £5 : 00. 19foot salmon fly rods in greenheart were at that time £8 : 15s or with cork grip and rubber button £9 : 16s
  15. I can say it is exciting, especially if you are 15 years old and this is your first ever salmon on the first ever outing with a new rod. I do it think that greenheart rod was made by Forrest, in fact it did not carry a makers name. Drew once told me that Forrest greenheart rod's blanks were split off the log with wedges ensuring that the grain was followed all the way, whereas this would not be the case if the blank was sawn off. Blackpowder
  16. Forrests was like an Alladins Cave when still at school I visited to make my modest purchases of worm hooks , a dozen flies and a few yards of nylon. Then it was owned by Andrew (Drew) Porteous a nephew of the Forrest family. Drew came from Coldstream and was assisted by Bill Anderson who had worked alongside him in a previous employment. Even as a boy I was always treated with great courtesy in the shop even although my purchases were modest, later as a wage earner all my tackle would be from Forrest. After Drew's untimely death I think Bill Anderson ran the shop for a while prior to Dickson ownership. Greenheart was still a rod making material in the 1950s. In April 1957 Drew dropped of a 10ft 6in greenheart road at my house. Straight to the river where the first fish on it was a illicit 7pound salmon. Blackpowder
  17. Thats what we wished for Packham Blackpowder
  18. Well you certainly need to keep your wits about you when putting that lot together. Top job. Blackpowder
  19. Its a job a did for a farmer for around 10 years, but I think no longer allowed in Scotland.
  20. Winter is past with one ingredient for soups and broth missing for the duration. Essential in Scotch broth I have not seen dried peas in either local Coop or Aldi where I shop. Picking up on various facebook adverts for artificial meat id this composed partially of pea products is this the reason my soup has been lacking for months? Blackpowder
  21. Sounds good, will do the same next time I am in a shop which stocks them. Blackpowder
  22. Well tried phoning the tackle shop 30 miles away where my last Opinel came from to be to be told they no longer sell knives. On line many firms wont post, lots of ,'sold outs' in number 7 size. Managed to order one in the end Bob with a bright fluro green handle, times they are a changing. The average plastic handled knife is a poor specimen to me when compared with the Opinel blade on a number 7 which seem ideal for breasting pheasants and pigeon and filleting a modest cod or two. Blackpowder
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