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  1. ferguson_tom


    sorry to hear that BP, we almost lost my nephew to it last year, he is only 18 and they were pretty sure it was kicked off by a mild flu he had.
  2. Yeop all works perfectly. This isnt meant to be a shameless plug for my business by the way! https://www.legacyvehicles.co.uk/5-fowler-showmans
  3. Our steam toys have got a bit bigger but me and the kids still enjoy firing up the mamods and wilescos over the winter
  4. thanks everyone, i thought it may be the case. For the money i dont think they are badly priced anyway for what you get, its just me being a cheapskate!
  5. I need to buy a set of sides and ramps for an Ifor williams trailer i just bought. Do all IFOR dealers have to sell at the the IFOR price or does anyone know of any dealers offering better pricing? thanks, Tom
  6. Assuming the farm shop has a butchers or decent meat counter why not speak to them about being your supplier. Works well for the farm shop as people can try before they buy and works well for you as they can hold most of the stock. Offering a bit of everything costs a fortune in stock and time so isnt always the best idea, have limited options but be really good at them.
  7. There was an interesting article the other week from a doctor who was very worried about the situation and the fact this treatment is almost encouraged or expected. The main concern was that often the treatment was fixing a sympton not the cause of someone struggling with mental health. One example was a young lad who said he wanted to be a girl and started acting and dressing as such, what it turned out to be was his parents had a second child who was a girl with special needs so much of their time was taken up looking after her. The boys chain of thought wasn't that the parents spent more time with her because of her special needs but because she was a girl and he thought by acting like a girl he would get more of their attention again. Situation all dealt with by some relatively simple counselling but he would have been put on these hormone stoppers if this doctor hadnt been involved.
  8. The business name is fine its the logo that is difficult to read, i would suggest re-designing it sooner rather than later. If your focus is repairing recycling equipment then stick with that, drop all the fabrication and repair stuff in the company description as it makes you sound like an odd-jobber rather than a specialist which is where the money is. Also makes life easier for marketing as you can be really specific. Facebook for B2B is quite difficult as relies on people being interested in their job outside of work....i cant imagine many recycling workers are. Linkedin would work better as you are trying to get to site managers however i think in your business it would be best to put your sales rep hat on and go knocking doors at the local places that use the equipment you are talking about (literally and figuratively) also speak to the equipment manufacturers these sort of manufacturers are always on the look out for decent repair guys to support their products especially if it someone who can look after the older out of warranty work.
  9. We have had one of these for a few years now and they are great and offer the actual exchange rate. It updates every couple of seconds. Thing we like about it is it acts as a foreign bank account so where i have just bought a classic car from the Netherlands we have paid by BACS transfer and got the best available rate and no bank fees.
  10. Why? the 85% guideline was/is a recommendation for inexperienced towers, even caravan club say up to 100% is fine for people with experience. With ATC and modern cars and chassis designs the figure is becoming even more outdated. Sorento would tow your van with no problem at all. See a lot of them being used for much larger twin axles vans.
  11. How big is your caravan the Kia goes about 2 tons!
  12. ferguson_tom


    lots can happen between now and 31st December, i will save the celebrations until we really know what is happening!
  13. Most people wont, regardless of the deal I get offered from my insurance company i still always go online to compare and if i can get it cheaper i switch, if my current insurer is cheaper (after the phonecall when the renewal comes through) i stay. Gone are the days loyalty is rewarded as customers simply are not loyal any more.
  14. if going for an L200 go for the manual version. The autos are pretty thirsty on fuel so much so my local dealer virtually refused to sell me one especially when I told him i would be towing a lot with it. I preferred the L200 but we are going for a Ford Ranger in the new year, for some reason Mitsubishi say you need a tri-axle trailer to tow 3500kg whereas none of the others have that stipulation.
  15. Only one from the Tories. Not surprising really as they got about 60% of the vote in every Suffolk constituency in 2017 so no real point the other parties wasting there money campaigning round here.
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