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  1. ferguson_tom

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    I would agree with this in some part if she still wasn't an ISIS supporter and extremist, its quite clear from the interview she shows no remorse for what she has done and is only coming back as the ISIS Caliphate has failed.
  2. ferguson_tom

    range rover 4.6 petrol

    Sorry i am confused, the OP is asking about a P38 and you have sung the praises of your L322 which apart from the Range Rover badge has little relation to and the issues the OP might encounter. So you are treating them as the same beast saying he should buy the P38 because your L322 has turned out decent? The L322 although expensive to run is still generally considered a decent car, the P38 is considered a complete *** by pretty much everyone. I know of two Indy garages which wont sell them, any they get in go straight to auction or scrap and never on the forecourt.
  3. ferguson_tom

    range rover 4.6 petrol

    the OP is looking at a P38 different beast to your L322.
  4. ferguson_tom

    range rover 4.6 petrol

    electrical gremlins, P38s were plagued with them. Also air suspension make sure it does what its meant to, the bags themselves are cheap to replace but compressors can get pricey if they are worn out. I wouldnt have one personally but there are plenty about with very high mileages so the underpinnings are up to it.
  5. ferguson_tom

    Shopping centre for sale.

    I dont think the shopping centres themselves kill towns but the fact they are open when the majority of working people want to go shopping. Our local town like pretty much all others shuts at 5.00-5.30. I am sure if shops in a town took the joint decision to change opening to suit 9-5 workers rather than only being open for OAPs, Shift workers and the great unwashed then the situation would be very different....maybe i am being stupid but surely to sell stuff you actually need to be open at a time convenient for your customers.
  6. ferguson_tom

    2016 on Kia sorento

    If its your only car i would go for the sorento without doubt, its a much better all round car. The shogun is a great old workhorse but very old fashioned now. Unless your planning some serious off-roading the sorento will do everything you need it to with some decent tyres, i have seen them tow some heavy old trailers and caravans out of soggy steam rally fields. We had the old Sorento and now have a new Kia Rio (little buzzbox thing) honestly cant fault Kias service. The little car is only a couple years old but been completely fault free. The mrs wants a bigger car now, i am pretty sure we will end up with a Sportage or Sorento.
  7. ferguson_tom

    Jeremy Corbyn setting things up for an easy path.

    I was concerned at the last election Corbyn might actually have won but now the country has had a chance to see what the labour party has become under him i cant believe the country would be stupid enough to actually vote them in. I dont actually think he wants the top job as if he did he would ditch Abbott regardless how much he valued or at least hid her out back and try and keep her out of the public spotlight.
  8. ferguson_tom

    ATV trailer parts

    over the years i have used these quite a bit for various things and never had any problems. https://www.towsure.com/towbars-towing-and-trailers/trailer-spares-parts/trailer-suspension-units-mounts
  9. ferguson_tom

    Discovery 3

    My mate runs an indie landy garage and everytime i go see him there is always at least one with the body up on the lift and the chassis on the deck. Normally its for a turbo change, there is now a way of doing it without removing the body but its about as short as it is long for them. You may be lucky and get a decent one but they were known for reliability issues at a few years old let alone 10-15 as they are now,
  10. ferguson_tom

    Persimmon Boss 75 million bonus

    If it was me i would have quite simply said thank you very much, thats what my contract says, thats what i am entitled to, its not my fault if your highly paid solicitors cant put a simple clause in a contract. If you were lucky enough to be in his position would you really out the goodness of your heart say to Persimmon homes you keep?? you can guarantee they wont be pumping it back into the housing market for the good of the nation.
  11. ferguson_tom

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    We were in a similar position a few years ago when my wife decided to go back to work. Looking back now she says her biggest regret is not waiting another couple of years until the kids were in school, ultimately it made no difference to her career either. At the time it caused us nothing but aggravation and quite a lot of upset to be honest with unnecessary added stress to us and the kids. Before she went back to work my wife also did a uni course and now has a degree, it kept her busy and worked out quite nicely for us as the student loans and bursary helped a lot financially.
  12. ferguson_tom

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    There were people during the wars that didnt agree or appreciate what others were doing for them then so idiots like him are not a new thing. Dont let yourself get worked up about the vocal minority, look and be proud of the vast majority of the country who are proud to wear a poppy and line the streets on remembrance day.
  13. ferguson_tom


    I was looking at an L200 the other week and ended up speaking to the most honest car salesman in the world, he said if i wanted auto then go for another truck as the L200 gives awful MPG, he expected at best high 20s and couldnt work out how the auto box was quite so bad compared to the manual.
  14. ferguson_tom

    What ever next

    Wish i had of thought of this during my teenage years when trying to be beer at the corner shop. I wouldnt be surprised if at the end of it he says it was all a wind up to show how mad the world has gone.
  15. ferguson_tom

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Pretty much every trades person i have dealt with who hasnt turned up has always blamed their kids being sick or some relative pulled into hospital last minute, the excuse gets a bit old after you have heard it a few times! Your £100 a days seems more than reasonable to me, think it equates to over 20K a year and all cash if they decided to pocket it.