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  1. explains it better than i can https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lower-back_tattoo But calling it a tramp stamp is not calling the woman who has it a tramp its just a common term for it.
  2. No, its just common reference to a tattoo in that area on a woman. I know quite a few ladies who have them who now refer to them as a that, its not a nice saying and is more used when referring to the tattoo in a negative context but its by no means calling the woman themselves a tramp.
  3. Tramp Stamp is a tattoo at the small of the back which is what KB1 was referring to. He wasnt calling all Tattoos tramp stamps. As said before i love tattoos on women but also not a fan of the "Tramp Stamp"
  4. i have always liked the vintage stuff, not a fan of the "tribal" designs which are there just to have a tattoo. I saw a girl the other week with her arm tattooed black no detail just all black from shoulder to wrist, i didnt really see the point in that one. Face and neck tattoos are a no from me though! and hands is pretty trashy.
  5. Dont bother with the hybrid unless its a company car. Generally though its a good motor, if a bit boring.
  6. We have one and although great it is a load of hard work so ours very rarely gets used unless we are having a party or something. Got to make the dough, sauce, cut all ingredients up, fire the oven, also to make decent thin pizzas takes quite some practice so you will find yourself doing pretty much all the work as the cook. Our oven is an insulated dome job, takes about 3-4 hours to get up to pizza temperature. When cooking pizzas you always keep a fire in it. Size wise you want about 80-100cm ID, these 60cm jamie oliver jobs are too small and put the fire too close to the pizza. Pizzas are second to none though and cook very quickly, also a cheap way of feeding a lot of people.
  7. We hire cars on a regular basis unless its spotless when we pick it up we take a video on our phone and walk around it zooming in on any damage. Once one of the companies tried charging us for some damage that was already there, pulled the phone out and they quickly backed down.
  8. Dont tell that to Judge!! I have ended up with two of the Wickes home brand jobs, so far been reliable and seen quite a bit of use over the years.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-48608944 its started already!
  10. keep him as leader as far as i am concerned, longer he is in the public eye the less people will want to vote for him. His chance was at the last general election and he blew it, as every day passes no matter how much the current government balls it up Corbyn hasn't got a hope in hell of being PM....not that he wants to be anyway.
  11. I would be tempted by a nice Discovery TD5. Seem to be creeping up in value recently as well.
  12. This is more of a rant than anything but after my eurostar train was cancelled last night due to French customs being on strike to get home today involved a tgv, 2 cabs and a ferry plus an overnight stay in Paris. I can't quite see how we being in or out the EU would make much difference and cause food to "rot on the docks" I can only assume politicians haven't seen the security measures and border controls we already have to go through to get people and goods in and out of the UK. Surely 3 years and the money spent compensating eurotunnel for uneseccasry new ferry routes could have gone on a new customs computer clearance system which meant there would need minimal changes on our current ports infrastructure ... Or am I over simplifying things? Not every container from outside the EU is opened. Customs are normally just a paperwork exercise and often done before the goods arrive anyway.
  13. I do quite a lot of DIY and never felt the need to buy the impact driver as normally the combi drill is up to the job. For the money you cant go wrong with the Makita LXT range. My last one lasted around 5 years and i am sure it would have lasted longer if i hadnt used it for drilling big holes in thick metal when rebuilding my miniature traction engine. I now have the a bigger one which i am sure will handle pretty much everything i will throw at it. For the sake of £40-50 its worth buying a mains power SDS drill for the tool kit, no hammer drill comes close to even cheaper SDS performance and it makes drilling holes in brick walls a very easy job.
  14. Very few pubs can rely on drink sales alone now, gone are the days its considered the norm to leave the mrs at home with the kids and drink a fair chunk of your wages down the pub every week. When certain pubs close down it is often no surprise....a lot of "good old fashioned pubs" were in the cold light of day ****holes serving poor beer. Near me all the pubs doing well are restaurant/bars with two separate areas. We have a nice selection within about 10 minute drive but all are a drive away. My new favorite pub is our village hall on a friday night, £2.50 a drink, lots of regular locals, good conversation and no closing time. We often go for a meal elsewhere and end up back there so i can have a drink as normally drive.
  15. If you passed car test before 1st Jan 1997 you will be able to drive a 7.5 tonner. I don't know any national companies that hire them but normally find the independent local firms do for self drive
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