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  1. We always buy cars on tick but putting them over an 8 year term and paying that much interest is crazy especially for a weekend toy. We ran a clio 182 for a while, brilliant little car and cheap as chips. Seriously looking at getting a Porsche Cayman S early next year, amazing what you get for £10k
  2. If you have the experience to happily tow that size of caravan then you should be okay to not worry about the antiquated 85% guideline. For experienced towers caravan club say it's safe to go up to 100%. Anything like a BMW X5, VW touraeg, Merc ml will tow that size van with no problem
  3. We have always used local farms and paid no more than £30 a month. The cassoa gold standard sites you can be looking at almost double that and they normally want 6-12 months upfront. Inside storage will be difficult to find and pretty expensive, sometimes farmers let our their grain barns over winter.
  4. Why change something if it isn't broken? A quick phone call to the manufacturer with the model number will let you know if they still support it.
  5. chasing cars by Snow Patrol One day like this by Elbow There are not many songs i hate but these two i cannot stand especially the Snow Patrol garbage
  6. I am buying and selling vintage vehicles so a lot of bank transfers are done at the weekends and when i am actually at the sellers house so I need a decent mobile phone app. My personal halifax accounts bacs transfers are instant, the last couple of with santander have taken a few hours and the last one took almost 24 hours which caused me a massive headache as I couldnt take the vehicle until the funds were cleared and i was 300 miles away from home! Thanks for the advice everyone, i may keep the santander one live and have a second account with one of the online companies for a better phone app and things.
  7. Hi Everyone I started a new company in April and went with Santander for my business bank... turns out for me they are flipping useless. BACs transfers seem to take for ever, the mobile phone app is antiquated and there is no business banking phone support at the weekends! Has anyone got any suggestions, my main bugbear is the banking app as i do pretty much everything mobile and 75% of people deal electronically. However, i also need a bank where i can pay cash in, even if its down the local post office. Thanks, Tom
  8. Does anyone remember the chap on here a few years ago who bought a "modified series" he eventually posted a picture and it was clearly a bog standard Defender TD5! the only series bit of it was the VIN number and log book. Not implying this is the case with the OP at all btw.
  9. Same here, it's the first one I have worn which seems to get a number or compliments from the ladies
  10. Typical of a socialist government, its not too improve the state run schools its just to ruin the private ones so that it seems everyone has the same for better or worse. Accept for one pretty obvious point that the "Noahs Flood of resources" is all funded by parents paying for the education, which wouldn't be available to spend if everything was state run as parents wouldn't be paying it.
  11. explains it better than i can https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lower-back_tattoo But calling it a tramp stamp is not calling the woman who has it a tramp its just a common term for it.
  12. No, its just common reference to a tattoo in that area on a woman. I know quite a few ladies who have them who now refer to them as a that, its not a nice saying and is more used when referring to the tattoo in a negative context but its by no means calling the woman themselves a tramp.
  13. Tramp Stamp is a tattoo at the small of the back which is what KB1 was referring to. He wasnt calling all Tattoos tramp stamps. As said before i love tattoos on women but also not a fan of the "Tramp Stamp"
  14. i have always liked the vintage stuff, not a fan of the "tribal" designs which are there just to have a tattoo. I saw a girl the other week with her arm tattooed black no detail just all black from shoulder to wrist, i didnt really see the point in that one. Face and neck tattoos are a no from me though! and hands is pretty trashy.
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