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  1. save yourself much of the aggro and get yourself one of these and build a nice base for it. We have a very similar one its great, my brother has built his own and its.... ummm rustic and he is a pretty handy chap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/brick-outdoor-wood-fired-Pizza-oven-100cm-white-Deluxe-model/272316311280?hash=item3f675126f0:g:cD8AAOSwXtNaY0u2
  2. I would have the ranger but I am biased as thats whats sitting on my drive. 10k should get you a decent truck just look around for one thats not been too abused, there are plenty to choose from For your budget I would look for the 2.2 Limited spec, it offers a decent level of kit and engine is more than capable. I have the 3.2 but thats only because it spends 70% of its life towing large trailers. Budget in a new hard top if one is not already fitted, the roller shutters are carp and let too much water in even from new.
  3. We are looking to do a drinks tasting evening with our friends via zoom either wine or gin and tonics or both over the next few weeks. Happy to spend a few quid and have seen companies offering wine tasting with a live guide and boxes of wine sent out to you so wondering if anyone has used them and has any recommendations. For the G&Ts I am not worried about having a guide but all the tasting boxes I have found online are £50 for 4 x 50ml bottles which to be honest is not going to cut it! Does anyone know a good website where we can get say a few 25cl bottles of gin and recipes with
  4. We also now have the problem with second hand goods all having VAT applied on the full value so if you want to buy anything second hand from Ireland (& rest of the EU) or vice versa then its just got 20% more expensive. This will be a major issue especially for the Irish second hand car market, Ireland imported almost as many cars from the UK as they bought new and registered there, not like they can buy many right hand drive cars from France!
  5. You will be shocked how many jobs on new Range Rovers and Discos require full engine removal or body to be lifted off the chassis. Mate runs a Landy garage and out of a 6 bay workshop there are always at least 2 with with bodys lifted when i pop in. Would rather pay £600 for a bulb!
  6. Have a look at the Kia Sorento, the later ones of the first model are a bargain for what you get and spares are readily available. We had one for a few years and both me and the mrs loved it. Plenty to choose from on Autotrader including this one 2009 with 87k miles and FSH. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202005229476278?onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&model=SORENTO&radius=1500&postcode=ip68fa&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=price-desc&price-to=4500&make=KIA&include-delivery-option=on&page=1
  7. If its just school work and roblox then nip into currys and pick up whatever they have in budget from a known brand rather then messing around with refurbs.
  8. Or he had £1500 wiggle room in the price and made an extra £500 out of you....
  9. So if another dealer had the same car up for £16999 and you "haggled" to a price of £15999 you would have been happy? If the car is at the right money then its a fair deal. I run a vintage vehicle dealers and the only time I consider offers below the advertised price is if something has been in stock for a while, most of the time its take it or leave it. I see no point increasing the advertised price just to knock some off for people to think they have got a deal, of course I have had a handful of people try playing hardball but its normally them that misses out. £1500 for warranty on
  10. These guys are suffolk/essex based and look like the have L200s available. I have used them a few times for vans https://www.econorent.co.uk/vehicles/
  11. how low is you annual mileage? if you said you got 18 mpg on petrol and the equivalent of 28 on gas you would need to do about 10,000 miles to make your money back on the conversion costs. LPG is becoming less and less popular with a number of oil companies removing it completely from their forecourts so before you go for it make sure you have some where within a reasonable distance to fill up.
  12. thanks for this, my little girl loved it
  13. The concept would continue to work if they were actually open when most people were not at work. Opening 9-5.30 monday-friday means most with a job cant use it!
  14. Mirror - Signal - Manoeuvre Braking is part of the manoeuvre and people should be taught to signal before braking.
  15. I dont think getting rid of the tests is a bad thing at all. Surely having your ability monitored by your teachers over the year is a better reflection of your ability than a 2 hour test. Anyway once they are in Uni or started their first job they will never be asked again their exam grade results so sure they will be fine.
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