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  1. I think they are a great idea, when you go to city with them they make life very easy being able to hop on and off using the app. I cant see why the UK feels it needs to do "trials" when so many major cities across the world already use them.
  2. If it can wait I would hold off until next year. Material prices for everything are through the roof at the moment but are expected to start coming back down by the end of the year. On some of the specialist steel we buy we have seen a 55% increase since January, for basic materials like mild steel sheet price increases of over 100% have been seen. Forget about Brexit the issue is all corona with manufacturing facilities across the world shut for lockdowns etc.
  3. I think most of the time its just the man feeling hard done by and not necessarily understanding the sacrifices the other half has made over the years especially if kids are involved. My parents divorce was pretty fair imo yet because my dad "earnt" the majority of the money he still feels as though he got shafted even though he never lifted a finger in the house, cooked a dinner or changed a nappy for over 20 years. For the OP I havent been through it myself but was late teens when my parents split, advice I can give is forget about the small stuff, it really doesnt matter chances are when you start your new life you will want to replace pretty much everything anyway.
  4. for the pizza bases we use this recipe, the only thing we do differently is split the bases into 6 not 5 and separate them before setting aside to rise. This makes spreading them much easier also use semolina flour to spread them on. https://www.thestonebakeovencompany.co.uk/recipes/stone-bake-pizza-dough/
  5. The vast majority of us live sheltered lives when it comes to understanding the true extent of child protection issues, not just sexual but physical, mental and emotional abuse as well. I don't think any of it has become more accepted or tolerated over the years just before it was ignored by the authorities and people in general. Everyone knew about choir boys being touched up by priests yet no one did anything about it, the situation now for children is a lot better than it was 30 years ago as at least now when a child does have the courage to say something is happening there is a much greater chance they will be listened to.
  6. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a trailer which was an old builders trailer so has the normal layer of concrete built up over the years. Any recommendations for stuff to remove it that wont damage the metalwork underneath. Found a few things online but a lot is for cleaning off bricks etc rather than what I am doing. Cheers in advance
  7. i think you are only offered the course if you haven't been caught speeding in 3 years not 3 years between the courses. I have done the course and if caught again would be very tempted to just take the points and fine. Mine was a complete waste of a morning listening to a condescending ****.
  8. buy on condition and you should be fine with any of the major brands really but i would steer clear of the Nissan due to the chassis snapping problem. There are plenty of examples knocking about of all types. Personally I have always liked the Rangers, its worth going for the newer shape with the 2.2 or 3.2 engine rather than the older 2.5 or 3.0, the 2.2 for most people is up to the job if your not doing lots of heavy towing.
  9. You can spend countless hours restoring a vintage vehicle. a little vintage tractor or something would be ideal. Buy right and they dont cost the earth and you have a nice thing to play with it at the end of it all. This assumes you have a garage or suitable workshop space next to the house thats within baby monitor range. Or model engineering if thats you thing, the stuff some people make in a little 8x6 shed with just a lathe and small mill is fantastic.
  10. Even though you havent gone for the car people shouldnt be fooled by the motorway miles idea, there is no way of proving how the miles have been done. 35,000 miles a year is only 145 miles a day (5 days a week 48 week a year) and that can easily be covered without going near a motorway if out sales rep'ing etc.
  11. save yourself much of the aggro and get yourself one of these and build a nice base for it. We have a very similar one its great, my brother has built his own and its.... ummm rustic and he is a pretty handy chap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/brick-outdoor-wood-fired-Pizza-oven-100cm-white-Deluxe-model/272316311280?hash=item3f675126f0:g:cD8AAOSwXtNaY0u2
  12. I would have the ranger but I am biased as thats whats sitting on my drive. 10k should get you a decent truck just look around for one thats not been too abused, there are plenty to choose from For your budget I would look for the 2.2 Limited spec, it offers a decent level of kit and engine is more than capable. I have the 3.2 but thats only because it spends 70% of its life towing large trailers. Budget in a new hard top if one is not already fitted, the roller shutters are carp and let too much water in even from new.
  13. We are looking to do a drinks tasting evening with our friends via zoom either wine or gin and tonics or both over the next few weeks. Happy to spend a few quid and have seen companies offering wine tasting with a live guide and boxes of wine sent out to you so wondering if anyone has used them and has any recommendations. For the G&Ts I am not worried about having a guide but all the tasting boxes I have found online are £50 for 4 x 50ml bottles which to be honest is not going to cut it! Does anyone know a good website where we can get say a few 25cl bottles of gin and recipes with matched tonics etc. Cheers in advance
  14. We also now have the problem with second hand goods all having VAT applied on the full value so if you want to buy anything second hand from Ireland (& rest of the EU) or vice versa then its just got 20% more expensive. This will be a major issue especially for the Irish second hand car market, Ireland imported almost as many cars from the UK as they bought new and registered there, not like they can buy many right hand drive cars from France!
  15. You will be shocked how many jobs on new Range Rovers and Discos require full engine removal or body to be lifted off the chassis. Mate runs a Landy garage and out of a 6 bay workshop there are always at least 2 with with bodys lifted when i pop in. Would rather pay £600 for a bulb!
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