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  1. thanks for this, my little girl loved it
  2. The concept would continue to work if they were actually open when most people were not at work. Opening 9-5.30 monday-friday means most with a job cant use it!
  3. Mirror - Signal - Manoeuvre Braking is part of the manoeuvre and people should be taught to signal before braking.
  4. I dont think getting rid of the tests is a bad thing at all. Surely having your ability monitored by your teachers over the year is a better reflection of your ability than a 2 hour test. Anyway once they are in Uni or started their first job they will never be asked again their exam grade results so sure they will be fine.
  5. Thanks chaps, the trailers are insured as I am under no disillusion that they could still be taken even with the locks. The chain to the wheel is a good idea but would it not cause huge vibration by throwing the wheel off balance. I fit both, just hoping to find a wheel lock that's a bit easier to use.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have just bought another IFOR trailer so need to buy another set of security clamps. I currently use an Bulldog Titan wheel clamp on my other one which is very secure but is a faff to put on, has anyone got any recommendations for a quality clamp but is a bit quicker and easier to fit. Thanks, Tom
  7. cant remember, will ask him when i see him next
  8. Good friend had one and was a reliable bit of kit, his parents bought it new then he had it off them when his kids come along. Fuel consumption was pretty poor but was nice to drive and stood up quite well to the abuse of 3 kids!
  9. I have been using specsavers for years and never had an issue or a pushy sales person. I went in to the local independent one on recommendation when we moved house a few years ago, equipment seemed antiquated and when they told me how much the glasses were going to cost I almost choked especially as i normally get two pairs. Specsavers were less than half the price, and don't believe the garbage about them being lower quality mine last about 3-4 years on average and have a hard life!
  10. my wife worked as a social worker in a school which was in the poorest area of the city, unfortunately for every genuine family that relied on the state support there was another which fitted the scrounger stereotype perfectly. This free school meals is a very emotive subject but people forget the increase in universal credit and extra funding government have given to councils. Personally though for the cost of it I would have thought the government would have passed it just to save the aggravation and bad press!
  11. Quite normal to have early settlement discounts and quite normal for companies to expect suppliers to honour them even though they havent settled early! Its up to you if the couple of percent is worth the hassle.
  12. at that age/budget XC90 over a Disco 3 all day long, discos will have some potentially big repair bills.
  13. For little jobs like this the local blasters are normally happy to do them for a bit of cash if your not in a rush and they can do them when set up for another bigger job.
  14. the insurance normally goes up not down once the person has passed their test as they are a bigger risk, sometimes by quite eye-watering amounts! If you expect her to pass quite quickly i would work backwards and find the cheapest quote for her with a full license on the comparison sites rather than the company with the cheapest learner cost. Obviously once you have found this you need to redo the quote again with her as a learner. The other benefit of an annual policy is she can build up NCB while learning.
  15. Sorry which bit of my comments has upset you? Sales for a UK manufacturer, all my travel has stopped and the factory has introduced all the necessary precautions as advised by government, the firm have taken it seriously. Pretty much everyone is back to work now and people have just cracked on with the job and the new "normal"
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