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  1. you're getting soft in your old age. Lucky it wasn't a stray monkey that you found.
  2. It used to bug me - nowadays I just remember the good grace in which my gesture was intended - if it is acknowledged then good, if not then so be it. once i gave up trying to control other peoples' behavior I found life a lot less stressful.
  3. It's not a scam - if you send me £500 to the address that I PM you with then I'll let you know the secret.
  4. Central London, childs play - try working the east end if you want to experience real policing. you're nowt 'til you've done a stint on G.
  5. No need, there's enough armed back up support and a F/A is a hindrance in most confrontational situations (rolling around on the floor with a drunk bloke who would then have an opportunity to seize a handgun). More use of tazer is coming, all Boroughs in the Met now have officers trained to use tazer(until recently it was only ARV's and the TSG). Tazer is far more effective as a day to day tool than a gun. For the record, I have been a cop for 22 years - I am not corrupt, inept and take a great personal and professional pride in doing my job to help the public. I have never in 22 years given out a speeding ticket or sent 9 cops to arrest a shop lifting Granny. Dixon of dock Green was a fictional character and those days did not exist, I personally would not want to go back to so called golden days when (although I have no proof of this whatsoever because it was all decades before I was born) it was common place to lock you up for 3-4 days in a cell until you put your hands up to something, where you could routinely be given a good beating because there was no regulation on what the police did and how they went about doing it. Would I want to armed - no way as I don't feel arming all cops is a necessary or sensible path to go down.
  6. It's bad enough in uber marked up BMW's with sound and blues so I take my hat off to driving 'plain clothed' cars. :yp:
  7. I remember spending half my childhood on the hill looking at bikes - especially Saturdays when the loons would wheely from one end to the other - the smell of 2 stroke and a bag of chips, oh happy days.
  8. I suppose some just don't get the idea of a chat room and that people chat in them...... Having said that, I was impressed with the posters link - very clever the way it types out the question (clever in my eyes anyway as I'm a bit of a computer numpty).
  9. If the punishment fits the crime then surely he should have been given 9 life sentences. He looks a bit of a screw ball
  10. I don't think the bars on the rear window would prove very effective at keeping a crim in place.
  11. I find it a sad fact of life that the average lesbian I tend to find in the real world are very different to the blond Swedish types of the porn industry. I could never fancy a woman who can bench press more than I can do myself.
  12. I regularly drive my works car on the wrong side of the road and through red traffic lights and the like which I def don't do at home as the missus and kids would beat me.
  13. Must add it to my 'to do list' - Contact deed poll to change surname to 'Grey'.
  14. The bloke (character) is a miserable, unpleasant bully - not much of a standard but I suppose it's only a loaf of bread being sold. If the sons got any sense he'll run away from the farming life as soon as he's able and head to the Square mile to become a banker and snort coke and drive a Porsche.
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