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  1. TGEvans


    I have not had a touch of alcohol at all in 7 years.No particular reason for it.I was a musician from the age of 17 to 23 so made the most of it when I could but stopped when I got into my career.Really fancied a beer the last few weeks for some reason.Alcohol cripples so many people and their families,seen it first hand but its all down to moderation I feel.May well be trying out a few new ales in the run up to Christmas!
  2. Husky over a Stihl.Electric will be fine for light use and firewood purposes.Check out a log grenade from Screwfix.Excellent bit of kit!
  3. Howa for me everytime.Spent the last few months trying new rifles out.I absolutely hate the Tikka synthetic stock but it does have a nice bolt action.The Howa stock is a little better for me but the upgrade to the Bell and Carlson is what made the deciding factor easier.Both will do what you need.Im sure after a month or so either will feel like old shoes.
  4. TGEvans

    Ammo safe

    I use a Yale digital safe.35 quid.keep ammo from 22 up to 7mm rem mag with no issue from the police.
  5. Cheap cabinet needed.south Wales.thanks,tim
  6. Get the Schmidt!End of.
  7. Hi buddy.Just got myself a new 22.Did loads of homework and tried out loads of rifles.I ended up with a CZ varmint 16 inch barrel.I liked the idea of a CZ 455 that has the option of switching barrels.But after speaking to guys that really know their guns two rifles would be better.I actually preferred the fit and feel of my rifle over the Anschutz I tried.I liked the fit of the browning but it felt cheap to me.They all work though!CZ get my vote!T
  8. It can stay on the Deer gun for now.Would not fancy dragging that scope through any hedges or puddles!
  9. I use a 410 for squirrels,close rabbits and roosting birds.And recently started using a 20 bore.Hands down my favourite shotgun gauge.I think that a 20 is capable of everything my 12 bore did but is much lighter with less meat damage.Winner!I love the 410 for stalking the hedgerows though!
  10. Thought I was one of the only people that appreciated them.Nice to read others are impressed too!
  11. Will probably use the Hawke 3-9x40 mil dot I had on my last 22lr.Worked well for me.Was thinking about putting my Swarovski off my 308 on for the summer.Bit much though I think.
  12. Sunny South Wales.Very common on the Western end of the Brecon Beacons near me.
  13. Got me a new .22 after people's advice on here.Tried everything from CZ,Weirauch,Anschutz,Sako,Browning and a Volquartsen.But the gun I honestly felt most at home with was a CZ 452 varmint with a 16 inch barrel even though I was set on a 455 20 inch barrel.So thanks for all the help again guys!T
  14. Pretty common buddy.Much heavier set with bolder beaks.As well as crows and ravens you have jackdaws plus few others in the mix too.Ravens can be taught to speak pretty well too.Clever birds!
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