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  1. Ok, near the total garage petrol station On trunk road.

    1. Ahh not too worry stu, thankyou anyway.

      yeah that would be great! do you still want me to give you a ring thursday

      1. He i have been talking to the keeper and he wont let me take anyone else as yet but we are going ferreting next week hopefully you are welcome to come along. We beat at boroughbridge nearly an hours drive away thats where we ferreting as well. Cheers stu

        1. Thanks alot stu ! where are the shoots held as i cannot travel really far.

          1. Hi my name is Stu ring me on maybe thursday on 07789744185 cheers

            1. Thanks alot, im not too bothered about the money and like you say i will gain experience
            2. A like them ferrets mate , the dog looks cracking
            3. Hello all , im a teen and eager to get out there and beat. Im having trouble finding beats that are willing to let me tag along. Much appriciated if you can help me , anything around , marske , guisbrough , saltburn redcar, northeast Aslo im finding it hard to gain ferreting permisson. I have the ferrets, nets, spade, locator , box and a dog. if you would allow me to tag along to one of your permissions it would be much appreciated Thanks Andrew.
            4. Look even better on my plate
            5. hello , ah okay thanks. yes im up for some ferreting.Ill pop you a pm
            6. Try alnwick on the dukes of northumberland est

              1. Thanks matey , ive already been told to keep intouch for the upcoming pheasant season . spot on people on this site
              2. Hello lads, im a responsible 15 year old lad just recently got into the hunting game. I currently only do ferreting. And im looking for a little something to do whilst im off school and maybe at the weekends. Im wanting to do some beating - have no spaniel/ lab. Im in the North east, Redcar. any help really appreciated
              3. HAHA i toatally agree , my dad lives there
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