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  1. Going few times next week if anyone fancys it
  2. Was a cracking day,bar 2 boxes of 22lr I completly emptied my ammo stocks hot barrels all round and a really enjoyable day. Topped of with a lovely meal. Ps just picked up a bag of parsnips for future zeroing....
  3. I love this garden shed designing theres some really good product made from nothing that incases out do there mainstream counterparts ,,,nice design
  4. I think when you hear work people think about days picking up at a 200+ bird day not the case, letting a younger steady dog help with the odd bit of dogging in or picking the odd rabbit when lamping when there about a year this is no harder on there body as the training they recieve. Just be sensible
  5. At 6 months i introduce a bit of working for the right dog there is no set rule but as all things in moderation but light work wont hurt but a driven day not worth talking about. the rule of 10 mins of training is more down to the attension span of the dog just take it easy simple as that
  6. Deffo not if its not even been introduced to fire seems a silly question if its not partially trained a little working for a 6 month old defo wont do any damage no different to then running around like idiots at play time
  7. ive got insa special tracks noisy but brilliant in the mud
  8. No ground game to be shot inc foxes to many near misses with beaters etc
  9. If its been introduced to gun fire and is fairly steady/ok around other dogs a days beating would be a good start , or a night lamping but its really hard to say without seeing /running the dog I have 4 labs all at different stages 2 brother who are just turned a year one is already out and about happy to use him whenever needed but wouldnt expect him to sit on a peg just yet but other would happily sit all day but not quite as good at picking up ...
  10. If you need a17 to carry out vermin control at further distance then 22lr then there is good reason if not waste of slot and money if your thinking foxing forget it a 223 will be far more usefull good luck either way
  11. I use poultry lamp on a long para cord that way I have bit more control over heat lengthen shorten even left to right with extra hooks. if ive got gas left from pheasant sheds ill use them with gas brooder but electric mones are fine and cheap to run if near a power source get yourself a thermometer and leave in shed just to keep a eye on them. in summer I very rarely put heat on in the day as it is useally spot on but my sheds are insulated and hold heat well the odd day this year doors and side hatch was left open untill temperature started to drop just watch the pups nody language and bef
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