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  1. Stay clean Gazza get well hero
  2. You never know what's, round the corner get. Well soon Gazza
  3. were foster carers for 12 yrs for several years had three from one family from day one we were short term and after that assessed for long term in an indepth report social workers knew we didnt attend their church and they were to put it in place for someone to accompany them this never happened i constantly reminded social workers about this and made sure myself the children went and i collected them on a sunday this became a big issue with some social workers which resulted in the placement ending and also fostering for us they are crying out for foster carers if they would support and respe
  4. swanp people being repeated at moment shoot him Elizibeth shoot him lol
  5. go to opening page google in the problem and it tells you what to do i had same issue hope this helps
  6. Welsh choir was fab deserved to be voted for also the young lad and girl
  7. Sorry to hear your havin problems.I am in the same boat.If you ask me the receptionists have too much authority,and their word goes no matter what you say. Have been admitted three times to hospital through doctors neglect as i am on warfarin therapy and have had bleeds.At minute i am keeping a note of everything,hope i dont need them.I could change my doctor but feel they dont have time for you.We are only a number to them and we can be replaced lol.Hope you get sorted.There is a complaints procedure but probably a waste of time.
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