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  1. My 2009 has 50k on it and approx 5mm play on the near side cv housing, my lads own 2014 has 40k on and the same play..his 2012 work truck (well used/hard life!) with 140k has 7/8mm. One thing with the front diff on these is the oil is always dirty/metallic when changed at the Toyota intervals (18000miles), I do mine every service and it stays clean...SAE 80w-90 API GL5 oil at £12 gallon...you need 1.65 litres....no brainer....
  2. I will take the above please, PM your payment details. Cheers Nev.
  3. I use an Archer through my two 8-32x56 nsx's, takes a while to set up at first but once done you can count foxes nasal hairs at 250yrds...and can ID beyond 500yrds...
  4. Find someone with a lathe/machine shop and have some made from 2" black Delrin. All mine are home made and work perfectly...
  5. nevb

    Laser range finder .

    I have a Leupold RX-11 in the for sale section if you are interested? would take a sensible bid on it.. Cheers Nev
  6. Leupold Rx2 digital rangefinder in Mossy Oak cammo for sale, 3m to 750m range. Mint condition still boxed with instructions,case,lanyard etc, little use no marks etc. New battery fitted recently. £120 posted recorded delivery uk only...or £115 collected from Northallerton.
  7. Sold pending collection to Dazza...Thanks..
  8. On hold for Dazza9t9.....
  9. Surplus .22 LR Winnie subs 350x 42g, with 26x 40g old Winnie subs £30 for the lot collected from Northallerton North York’s with relevant slot on cert please...
  10. One on Stalking Directory, 2008 model.....in the classified section
  11. I run my own cars for work at 30k+/year, just done another 3 years in another 3.0 Hilux which averaged 31.2 mpg (every mile and litre of fuel logged and mpg calculated, Yorkshire man you see!) that's just short of £6000 of fuel per year... I now run an Audi A4 190 black edition 2.0 diesel (can get them 4wd if required) same fuel logging etc averaging 51 mpg, on target this year to use £3500 in fuel and its far better to drive comfortable etc. £2500 will buy and run a decent 4x4 for pleasure... it runs my old Hilux just for shooting with cash to spare... Cheers Nev
  12. If these are still for sale, yes please, will drop you a pm. Cheers Nev.
  13. ditchman, I have one in .177 if you are interested (rare I am told?), its in bits as it needed seals and I never got around to sorting it...owned by me from new.
  14. Rick, Henry Kranks have loads in @ £5.50/100... http://www.henrykrank.com/index.php?main_page=index
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