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  1. 10 hours ago, Westley said:

    I was in a slightly different position to yourself, as I was shooting in competitions against the Garda. But even so, the system would still be the same.  From this end, I needed a European Firearms pass, free from the local FEO.  The guns that I could be taking were listed on that pass. I then also needed a Firearms Visitors pass issued by the Garda, again listing the guns that I intended to take. I would board the ferry, along with other team members, at Liverpool. We would make the ferry company aware that we were carrying firearms, at the ferry BUT do not mention any ammunition. They will not allow you to take BOTH guns and ammo on board. We got around this by one of the cars would NOT have any firearms on board, but several thousand rounds of ammo, which they are not obliged to declare. We were usually the last to board and er ..........................told to leave the guns in the vehicles   ??        However upon reaching Dublin we would just drive off the ferry without a problem.  It is some 15 years since I was last there, so maybe security has tightened, but that is an outline of the procedure we went through. Hope this helps.

    That's exactly was I was looking for geezer. If I have any issues may I message you for assistance?



  2. Alright bods,

    Short and sweet so here goes but please only reply if you have concrete evidence or even better, experience.

    I have four shotguns in the UK which have been written on to other peoples tickets when I sold up and moved to Ireland.

    Has anyone brought theirs over on a holiday passport?

    Hit me up if you have done so please.



  3. Evening all and I sincerely hope I find you all well.

    So then, It's been a bad year what with Brexit and all those PW members that went to the earth and then there were the ones that got ill and won't get better. 

    I wish all those gone, and those going, my best wishes and their families by deepest sympathy.

    For those of you that are lucky enough to be young and yet to suffer the heartache of losing anyone special, enjoy life and love everyone that doesn't offend you or your family.

    Wishing all of you old PW members a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



  4. On 21/10/2019 at 14:55, Grandalf said:

    Woolpack pub Long Sutton very many years ago.   Six fowlers sharing an attic bedroom along with their dogs.   Very, very, cold for a long spell.   On the third night the landlady opened the door and said "Thought you might be a bit cold".   She then threw her Labrador into the room, closed the door and left.

    Sensible lady that.   Keep out the drafts and add another dog.   They don't need heating unless they are ill. 


  5. Some of you will have known Allan from south Wales, probably under his screen name Tiercel, he was a countryman and made purse, long line and trammel nets like no one else could. Even though he was Welsh I was glad to call him a friend and the world is a worse place for his departure


    RIP Allan.

  6. On 08/05/2018 at 14:09, henry d said:

    I was only just thinking about you a couple of days ago, are you still driving landies or do you drive proper motors now :P

    Please stop fantasising about me HD, it can never happen as I have way too much testosterone or whatever you call it.

    Yes I am, and no, the Asians may well one day make a 4x4 that can do 4x4 work, but that day has not come yet, but I respect your choice to support foreign goods as opposed to the UK,  ***** ;)

    Message me H


  7. On 07/05/2018 at 21:03, Zapp said:

    Good to see you back LB

    I'm glad to hear that you're still alive Zapp :) There are a few of the OP's on PW that are now pushing up the daisies, the new firms wouldn't know them from Adam.

  8. 4 hours ago, mel b3 said:

    that sounds absolutely fantastic chas , i really envy you mate. its funny that you dont shoot so much , i think that a lot of us start to lose the urge as we get older , im happy to have a country walk , with or without a gun these days.

    its lovely to hear that youre still around , yp pops in every year or so lol.

    I know what you mean and if I ever fell for a fortune I wouldn't shoot a gamebird again, woodies yes, gamebirds no!

    That last line made me laugh!

    I live here on the side of a canal in the middle of nowhere. The nearest place is 5 km away and doesn't have a shop, but I do have a pub within cycling distance and see about 10 cars a day, no aeroplanes, and no light pollution.


  9. 10 hours ago, figgy said:

    Nice to see you back Lurcherboy.   What you been up to in your time away ?

    My life took a strange turn and I prepare to shoot with a camera rather than a gun now.


    6 hours ago, mel b3 said:

    How's things chas ?.

     Alright mate, I live in Ireland now in the middle of nowhere with my girlfriend, two dogs, two cats & six chickens that she won't let me eat!

  10. I haven't been decoying for over three years and this is now sitting in a garage gathering dust. Most of this equipment came from Will at UK Shoot Warehouse.

    I want £100, no offers please, and you will have to collect from Herne Bay, Kent.

    1 Very large tank net

    1 Small scrim

    1 Rotor with arms

    1 Flapper and remote

    40 Woodie shells

    Large bag 

    Game bag

    4 Poles

    2 Floater poles

    Advantage timber jacket, hood & trousers medium

    No seat ;)








  11. I've got one, we named it Red! The breeder warned me that red ones are a bit sensitive, she was right. Where as I could rag the black lab if it misbehaved, doing it with this one would put me back weeks. My other half has the right temperament for training and has done wonders.


    I will be using him for the first time this coming season on all game.

  12. I am selling my workhorse studio camera to move on to the full frame 1D X.


    Actuations are approximately 100,000 but only Canon UK can verify this.


    It comes with the official canon double battery charger, two canon batteries and two third party items that have worked as good as the original items.


    I also have the ***-E2 in it's original box complete with the holder and belt/pouch holder. Shoot your images and send directly to your editor via FTP


    If you're into your sports, horse racing or just ned a light eating studio workhorse then this is for you.




    PW won't allow me to add the initials for the ***-E2 so those of you who aren't familiar you will have to have it like this. It is W... T... F :)

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