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  1. Just sprayed vin rouge all over my iMac when I read "the little bloke" Cheers geezer
  2. It was good to meet you too Hawkeye but I never really understood what you was saying what with you being foreign and all that With a bit of luck we will both be alive next year and I will show you how it's done and *** are you in this picture? It's like you're small and can hide easily
  3. <iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/gandalfspics/17733845732/in/dateposted-public/player/"width="640" height="243" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. He shoots better than I do but that doesn't say a lot.
  5. Morning bods, I've signed up shoot but injured myself this morning so my son will be taking my place. He will be registered as a PW member by the end of the day, anyone one got any problem with that better stand up and shout now, I will be bringing the camera though. Looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting some new ones, even if they are foreign LB
  6. I think this is off topic, but if not I expect Cranners will correct me. I have been shooting clays with my ex-boss of 8 years and he has got to a fairly good level that has now, in fact he has got me a little bit worried. Knowing that decoyed live ones he asked if he could come along and watch. Well I wasn't really up for that but I did offer him a day in a hide. So after a few days of observation I set up early one Monday morning in a small wooded copse and we settled in for the day. Sod all happened until around 7:00 when they started to flit back after their first feed of the day. 5 shots for a few tail feathers, we all know that feeling don't we? I urged him to shoot under and in front of the next bird which was crossing left to right, he duly bagged his first ever woodie. Sadly that was the last of the action for us and we packed up the deeks and hide at 9:00. He is now hooked LB
  7. As great as it is to be able to see any 'legal' coursing the Irish legal method just doesn't cut the mustard.
  8. A few lads are doing OK but the pier is not fisherman friendly. Canterbury City Council are *****. Hampton pier is worthy of a session though. LB
  9. The codes on the lens are: UU0114 & 307279 On the box I have: 2577A003 [AA]
  10. Virtually mint condition lens with caps, hood, bag, paperwork, CD and original box. Will supply lens numbers and images to serious buyers. £800 Posted
  11. I fear some of you have another agenda here and as such you are totally missing the point. Why can't us Jedi have our own spot? It would be both informative and interesting. Whatto Tam and Jimdfish You might want to close this thread mods before it kicks off
  12. Yep, camp Freddy Short lived Digger, the second thread I read turned into an attack on a poster for offering to buy rabbits from a PW member when he had access to shooting his own! Nothings changed PM'd you my number, bell me if you get down this way sometime.
  13. Good piece of equipment when used corectly and doubles up as a training aid for children. LB
  14. You have made my week geezer with your post. Many thanks LB
  15. OK, I realise I am out on a limb here and I will definitely get called anti semitic, racist etc but, why do I have to listen to a minority religion (wiki uk census- judaism 0.5% of UK religions) When Jedi (wiki uk census-jedi 0.8% of the UK religions) is more popular? I am getting thoroughly ****** off listening to this **** every morning on Radio 4. Why is a religion that is miniscule taking up so much of my time when I can listen to the force Tin hat on and I'm well dug in and *** are you old school PW posters? Axe, Digger, YP? LB
  16. Beardo, you're a ******* star mate. Much obliged LB
  17. Reluctant sale but my "habit" is costing me increasing amounts of lucre and I am in need of some extra funding so...................... My Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 PM II is for sale. The serial number is 253804, for those of you that know how to check out the Kraut glass specifications. I have this on my AR-15/Speedmaster and have accounted for many Charlies with it. The clarity is unrivalled and until you experience drawing the crosshair on your quary on a centre fire at distance you have no idea just how good a scope can be. All metric so one click=1cm and none of those 3 point whatever calculations when judging how much adjustment is needed and no gay illuminated reticule either Serious offers over 2K please and if any of you shylocks on PW, you know who you are and so do we , make derogatory offers you will be blocked. Hope to hear from you north of the river deer stalkers. Thanks fortaking the time to look LB
  18. Despite me marking this as sold on Gun Watch it still shows up on here as for sale. SOLD
  19. 50 Purse nets, green spun nylon, unpegged and unused come with a free gate net. £50 plus postage. PM me if interested based in Kent near Canterbury.
  20. Saturday looks the safest then. LB
  21. This Transit engine has many fuel related problems as well as a above average rate of turbo failure. Land rover would have been better of fitted any VAG 2.0TDI engine, or even a Renault diesel! LB
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