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  1. That's a cracking shot Greengrass LB
  2. Definitely mate 4 Years + Sparkie!
  3. Ah Digger old man, I wouldn't want to bore you with my trials and tribulations over the last three years, let's just say that a change of the woman was undertaken and you know how that can be. How the devil are you, you still in deepest sarf london? LB
  4. Damn you Mattw with your cunning and guile!
  5. lurcherboy

    Gun Watch

    I may well be out on a limb here but after having to register with Gun Watch to sell an air rifle, happy to register btw, I feel that the compulsory inclusion of a phone number that is made available to the public is rather irksome. Maybe I'm paranoid :unsure: LB
  6. Cheers gents. I have been somewhat busy lately LB
  7. At least she is true to their cause and doesn't wear leather
  8. Missing my curs and kids LB
  9. The next day is the 27th so I will pass the info on during the week Nick. LB
  10. I voted for but I am becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of bad shots allowed to wound birds for a weeks wages. If I didn't have two dogs that I enjoy working I would give it a miss. LB
  11. Anyone seen this before on a woodie? It was a young bird and in good condition. LB
  12. I agree with the an applicants doctor being informed. LB
  13. I have a family ticket (two adults and two under children under 12) for the MSVR Victor Meldrew Trophy. They will be posted to the first person that PM's me that I know and will be in the post today 1st class. Gone LB
  14. Nice capture GG, what glass are you using? LB
  15. Yes but he needs the drivers side.
  16. You need the drivers side mirror. LB
  17. The bit about your dog's cock cracked me up. Post of the month :blink: LB
  18. I will have a good cocker and lab with me and I would like to find a local shoot. I am in the EX21 postcode area from the 13th September to the 22nd September. Picking up or beating will do as long as I can get the dogs warmed up for the new season. PM me please LB
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