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  1. So how much do you weigh these days Mungler? LB
  2. 'kin gorgeous. Don't let it get fat once puppyhood is out of the way. LB
  3. I've got the slot still but not got around to filling it LB
  4. Nice looking Cocker and good quality photos! LB
  5. Eat then H and use the stones to get the teacher with your pea-shooter LB
  6. Cranfield, I have a Rolls Royce Merlin lump positioned in the corner of my workshop connected to a Spitfire propeller , it seems to keep them away LB
  7. Boris is approximately 12 weeks old looking for a working home only. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped, one third docked with his dew claws removed. He is Kennel Club registered and is only available because his prospective owner let him down. His sire is my dog Sweep, Rascal of the Larches of Deuarth AC03659802, his dam is Flash, Winstone Wanda Ah0170692. He is showing his father's love of water already, being a regular visitor to the garden pond and should make a good working dog. Here are some pictures of Boris. This is his father Sweep. Please send me a PM for further information. Price £500 LB
  8. BASC since I started and see no reason to change. LB
  9. We still do that at a shoot I attend in Kent. LB
  10. Couldn't Bramble reach it, it must have been up very high LOL LB
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/us_and_canada/10259646.stm LB
  12. Next time if a policeman asks you to get out of the car act as if you're a bit unsteady on your feet, then when he says "you're staggering" you can reply "thanks,you're not bad yourself'"..... LB
  13. Thanks Delbert, any help will be much appreciated. LB
  14. You always go over the top Dave LOL Glad you and munt are all right mate will bell you tonight for a blow by blow account. LB
  15. Any members familiar with a diesel Toyota forklift? I need a wiring loom diagram for one that has been vandalised. LB
  16. Just what I was looking for, a well balanced and reasonable debate LOL You don't fool me YP LB
  17. Is is me or is there a uncanny likeness between Sharon Shoesmith and Heather Mills? LB
  18. Neither and I have tried both. Get some Jahti Jaht boots they are far superior and lighter. LB
  19. Taylors to be kept longer out of the two H, but I am biased. I used to service his beemer when he came to the UK every year to see his mum. LB
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