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  1. I use no5's and so far have been good
  2. Hiya Wookie I regularly see 2-300 in a field near to where I live in Kent. Normally feeding before going into the nearby woods when it gets dark. I would love to shoot them but the owner won't have it! By the way, the term for crows in numbers is a murder, or so I am informed. Lurcherboy
  3. My hip flask filled with 13 y/o croft port.
  4. Save lots of money and by synthetic Benelli Nova Pump action. Shoots like a dream. :yp:
  5. Brooktrout, I have and it is pork plus. Very tasty and relatively cheap. :yp:
  6. If they are anything like the carp fishing ones from a few years ago, all you will be able to do is sit tight with a very limited angle of view.
  7. Everytime I start missing I take two or three lessons and its all tickety-boo again
  8. I have access to a 1000 acres of land. 95% flat/marsh crops only. Would like to get some help keeping the pigeons moving. In the past I have reccys and set up under busy lines but after a few pigeon they move on. My thinking leads me to believe that 2 or 3 guns may be able to keep them on the move but hopefully not to the next farm. I am not charged for access and have not yet approached farmer for approval, but I don't think there will be any trouble in getting it. Must be BASC for insurance etc. Look forward for some sensible replies
  9. Took the day of to shoot. Trouble is the planning had I not booked it the weather would have been good. It must be murphys law
  10. yorkshire pudding Whats wrong with wearing sainsburys carrier bags, they are free! That should appeaal to a yorkshire man
  11. My wife bought me a lovely s/h silver peg dispenser. All i need now is the pheasant shoot to go with it. Bless her.
  12. Can anyone tell me anything about my HW85. I have never seen any for sale and I am wondering if its a. special b. obsolete model I bought it dirt cheap 2 or 3 years ago. It has a very long barrel and I assume its a hunting model. Anyway if you have any info please let me know here or e-mail. Thanks
  13. lurcherboy


    AAS410 Its amazingly accurate, well built and I believe its competively priced. But I am biased I have several rifles and this gets used 95% of the time. Ask the shop if you can test it at a local ground. Good luck with your decision.
  14. Hello mate, I am using Air Arms Diablo Field through different rifles and pistols. They are priced well and grouping nicely. Try a tin.
  15. Condolences NTTF my heart goes out to you
  16. Go lots of times before you raise your gun at any live quarry Good luck
  17. lurcherboy


    definitely worth joining. i got shooting from a farmer ( 1000 acres ) because i was able to show basc insurance. the farmer later told me that i was the only person to ask for permission who had any form of cover. join and you get help with all sorts of problems and you help fund the fight. lurcherboy now if only he would let me run my lurchers and the 100's of hares he has
  18. has anyone purchased from etherington in york. he advertises in the countrymans weekly. its only £60-00 plus postage. he gave me a number to call for a reference but the answerphone is on constantly. any feedback will be greatly appreciated lurcherboy
  19. being fairly new to pigeon shooting i am having trouble pulling birds into my pattern. i have read batleys book many times but fail when shooting. can anyone help?
  20. hello, sorry your selling all your gear. how much are you looking for regarding the decoy magnet. charlie e-mail to skinbops@aol.com
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