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  1. Have a good one sonny LB
  2. I managed 149K on my dual mass in my Defender. I think it's luck of the draw wether or not it fails early and having a wife that drives your vehicle wont help matters! LB
  3. Put them in a hanging basket and watch them go. It makes for a good photographic opportunity LB
  4. Excellent pics Greengrass. Right time right place 'eh? LB
  5. Mungler, I echo all the above but most of important of all is to just get out there and take shedloads Panasonic Lumix G1 virtually idiot proof Thank god for memory cards. LB
  6. Excellent pics Greengrass. Have you got a flickr account? LB
  7. Breasted Pigeon makes a very tasty stock if you reduce it and stores well in the freezer. No need to add anything. LB
  8. Sorry to hear that H, chin up old man LB
  9. Text me your mobile number you numptie and this time include your name LB
  10. Panasonic Lumix G1K 14-45 Lens. LB
  11. What equipment are you using Greengrass? Good pics BTW LB
  12. You will need to worm your dog more often than usual. LB
  13. Main dealer can programme your preferences on the Range Rover so I would assume you can do the same on the hairdressers model. LB
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