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  1. You had a good then. Remember you don't want to catch them all now do you LB
  2. PM me tomorrow and I will tell you how to get there. LB
  3. 29! Reckon Have a good one fella LB
  4. Sparkie, you got to learn to relax when he wants to go for a drink :unsure: Glad you got him back mate LB
  5. Happy birthday Browning LB
  6. I haven't logged on for a while Lee and was sorry to read about your loss. You done the right thing though mate. LB
  7. Sorry to hear that EE. Keep your chin up mate. LB
  8. Cranfield, I think you will find that the DFL crowd that flock to Whitstable every weekend can be sold anything. And often are LB
  9. Sadly there's one born every minute Cranfield LB
  10. I might make a trip over Christmas Deeks. I will PM you if it's on mate LB
  11. I'm going to be staying at Tynn near Ammanford over Christmas so if there is any beating available I will be up for it. Will also have a good cocker to work the line. Cheers chaps LB
  12. You never mentioned it on the phone Hope you had a good one fella LB
  13. Can anyone recommend to me some books worth reading on the subject please? I have the official one but would like to read everything available. Thanks chaps LB
  14. The Lockerbie 'maniac' was a pawn and IMHO innocent. I agree with the rest of your post though. LB
  15. Thanks chaps. I have been spoilt rotten by the girlfriend all day long LB
  16. Sorry I missed out Dave and thanks for very much calling me today so I could hear you shoot five birds in as many minutes Well done Topgunners LB
  17. You have more patience than me Mark. LB
  18. Send him my congratulations Hawkeye and I'm surprised he is still alive LB
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