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  1. Well things have really escalated now with the USA , UK and France carrying out missile strikes overnight. Question is, what will Russia do now ?
  2. I don’t know exactly what they do to rectify the issue but it don’t take long to do after you send them back
  3. Lots of owners of the ATA sp guns have been returning them under warranty owing to either one barrel not firing or double discharges. A trigger mechanism mod sorts it out
  4. Tiffany..... had lots of posters of her... I recall I got through a few pairs of socks too!!!
  5. If she passed her car driving test before February 2001 she can ride any moped , that’s anything up to 50cc, without L plates and not have to take a CBT. The moped don’t need to have pedals, any variant of 50cc bike is fine
  6. I'm on my second Traser commander . First one lasted well over 10 years and although the illumination had dulled it was still visible..
  7. We went.. was quite good though a little expensive to do anything... The wife went on the have a go clay shoot.13 quid for 10 shots! Not many stalls selling guns..I think Sandringham is better
  8. ozzy518

    Air ambulance

    Had one Land whilst I was dealing with an rtc. Pilot got it down on road junction between lamp posts trees and wires.. got chatting to him said it was amazing landing.. he just said, Nah, would have been more interesting if it had been dark and raining!! Cool as hell 😎😎
  9. My renewal with Suffolk from the time the FEO collected the forms til my cert arriving took one week!! Outstanding service.
  10. It's already illegal under the Criminal Justice and public order act. Aggravated Trespass on land
  11. I am a self confessed Sunglasses tart.. when I was looking for shooting glasses I thought if I'm to spend a decent amount of money on some, I'd want to be able to use them in every day wear too. I bought a pair of Oakley Radarlock paths. Lenses are very easily changeable. I use polarised dark lenses in Sunglasses mode and swap out for either Persimmon or Yellow depending on light conditions. Only problem I have is keeping wife away from the Oakley display stand in the clubhouse so she can't see what they cost
  12. Can't stand it. Especially this year as I'm due to start work at 11pm.
  13. Yup. Facebook has this lovely function. It's called Delete and Block.
  14. I was with aol for years . Paid direct debit and never had an issue. Talk Talk bought AOL and changed the date payment was due without telling me. Of course the payment weren't getting made until my existing due date but Talk Talk kept sending letters threatening to disconnect me etc. No amount of explaining to them would help.. in the end I told them to poke it. Total Carp company
  15. I'm in same position. My Sgc was renewed a week or so ago and I have just received a letter from my doctors asking for payment. I'm not paying it.
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