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  1. I'm up for this one to !! Missed a couple due to work and some domestic upheavel !!! Me + 3 non pw members if that's ok ?
  2. yep....another top shoot put on by alan and a top day out again !! big thanks to bighit and fenboy for putting up with my lame shooting and keeping the scores reasonable !!!
  3. ok mate see you there

  4. im still in to..+1 ... and is it fiber or plastic wads??.....can never remember ?? :unsure:
  5. cheers for the responses lads.....looks like its gonna be the DC4 i reckon !!
  6. as per title gents.....whats every ones preference on a half decent sharpener?? wet stone? oil stone? ceramic? carbide? diamond? loads out there to choose from, so...... any advice is much obliged. atb jimbo
  7. still coming to....and bringing a mate as well, so +1 for me...
  8. lovely fish and next on my hitlist....and i cant think of a better way to spend your retirement....top bombing
  9. happy birthday buddy !!!!!! sink a few for me mate
  10. my son went to one last year with one of his mates as part of his birthday present...he`s 11....and enjoyed every minute of it. well worth the money i thought as the basc coaches explained in depth about safety,correct gun handling,the different disciplines in shooting, the difference in gauges of shotgun.....as well as everything else to !! be hard pushed to beat the value for money aspect of it and if your lad is into shooting anyway it`ll be even better!!
  11. ive used that very website doc.....i get my braided line from them. very cheap and top notch service to also take a few minutes to browse the harris sports mail website....they have a huge selection. My link
  12. i know foxes are no substitute for a munty or two....but top bombing none the less chap.
  13. ooooiiiiii......welcome to the shooting fraternity bud !!!

  14. good grief.....its amazing who you bump into on internet forums sometimes aint it marcel.....!!! hope you and the family are keeping well buddy.....long time no see!!
  15. as per title....30lb trout caught and released...heres the linky... My link
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