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  1. Hi all, does anyone have one of the above they wish to part with? If so let me know a price by pm please. Thanks Leon
  2. Thanks gents, waiting for a reply to an email I dropped Keith. Thanks Leon
  3. They have a top seal which is the one giving me the problem, it's the getting at it bit that I need to sort. Cheers for the replies gents
  4. Hi all, I have a mk II Parker hale dragon that needs stripping and repairing, so I need either a strip down diagram before I start or a suitable gsmith who is used to working on these. Can anyone help with either. Thanks in advance Leon
  5. All sorted now thanks to Bedpan39 cheers buddy
  6. Hi all, just grabbed this out of the cabinet after a little while and its suffering from hydraulic lock, has anyone had this problem and rectified it themselves? if so any pointers would be greatly appreciated or even an exploded diagram of the parts if you have. Thanks in advance Leon
  7. Long shot gents, I need a safety button/catch, ball bearing and spring or any of the bits seperately. Thanks in advance. Leon
  8. As above one is two year old and works well the other has seen a bit at the end of last season ones a poley the others white.
  9. leon


    It's just a stock I am after mate. Thankyou anyway though.
  10. leon


    As above let me know. It's only the stock I am after. Leon
  11. leon

    Fox pics

    The one I had from you is on my .223 as in the other "chicken trouble post"
  12. Just sorted my camera out and down loaded the photo's that I couldn't get at so thought I would post a couple these were all taken over lambing time. More More
  13. leon

    fox rifle

    hornet the .17 is a fast little round, but i would imagine (as have never fired or used this round in the field) that it will suffer from simply causing surface wounds like the .204 can. As it uses a very light projectile. .222 or .223 would be far better choices. They give you an extra 100 yards effective range over the hornet (180ish yards max) and would be more inherantly accurate (not to say the hornet is inaccurate as it isnt, its just harder to get to shoot straight) ammo/reloading components are typically expensive as they are harder to come by, and its a fidley load to reload (
  14. **** eh, saw a remmy VSSF II shoot a 3/8th inch group with American eagles today, the rest of it's groups hovered mainly around 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch, nope, wouldn't take it as a present Just my opinion mate what do I know eh!
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