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  1. Hi guys, i am looking for someone to stuff a fox and pheasant cna anybody recommend a good taxidermist? I would like the fox sat upright and the pheasant at his front paws.
  2. BRAD1927


    Have you tried Boyds custom stocks they come from the states but heard good reviews and you can have pretty much any design you want. Just make sure you look at the import tax etc
  3. +1 on all the recommendations for pick them yourself. I know many a shooter, Gamekeeper etc that will not under any circumstance let them pick them up dead or alive and are trained not to pick up anything black. As previously said a dogs eye compared to 17p for a cartridge or a short walk is priceless!!!
  4. Well it would appear that there are some very valid points from both lovers and haters also some jovial ones to boot, however lets look at the bigger picture here. If you want a dog then be prepared to deal with the consequences if it does go all pete tong. Any dog no matter its size or breed is capable of killing and causing huge amounts of damage but for those that choose to own a breed that is renowned for its bite rather than its bark show some responsability, I after witnessing a staffy attack another dog for one personally dont like the breed and in all fairness make every effort to avoid anybody walking them off a lead regardless of how friendly they are. I have on numerous occassions had to deal with so called friendly dogs (not all Staffies) and have had no issue with protecting my own only to be confronted by the owner saying it was so out of character. My answer to that was so if I ran across the field and punched you in the face for no reason would I be forgiven as its not in my character? A dog soon becomes a very close member of the family and regardless of what they have done the owner will protect them as Bulldog has already mentioned. So what is the answer? Education is my guess, people should have to show some sort of responsability before owning a dog after all it is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands just like a car, or a gun which both require a license one way or another, and if you breach the conditions of that license then be prepared to lose it and the right to own another dog this includes tattoo'd chavs all the way to Granny Maude with her snappy handbag lodger. Most of us on this forum are responsable adults and also blind sided by the media just face facts never trust any dog regardless of breed or size!! Brad (owner of the sweetest, softest, loveable, child minding cocker spaniel that wouldnt hurt a fly)
  5. Another great offer been out with Daz before always ginds the birds
  6. As he's black and white what about Guinness? Just got my new cocker this week he's 10 weeks old and called rocky
  7. PM me and we can chat maybe help each other out
  8. Welcome to PW I live in Amesbury
  9. How much for the magnet?
  10. I have permission to shoot on approx 1000 acres of MOD land but I am not allowed (MOD rules) to use anything bigger than .22RF hence the .17HMR condition. I have knocked on doors hence the phone calls to remove problem foxes only catch is that this tends to be few and far between and while the current permission holder is away or unable to get out. Majority of land around here is either sown up by several individuals or is owned by the MOD. The FEO has agreed an open ticket and the grant of the .22-250 on production of a land owners letter but as said landowners want a quick fix and not a perminant permission. I dont charge for this as it gets me out and about and currently all my offers have come from the business cards I have left with the landowners and its becoming quite embarrassing as most of the time no matter how much I bait or call the foxes are very lamp shy and I cannot get them to come any closer than about 150yds so unless head shot the .17HMR is in my opinion not an effective tool for the job. As you can see my predicament is I need to be able to sort the problem quickly and the .17HMR although useful doesnt always cut the mustard.
  11. I'd be up for some action SGC, own kit, FAC and BASC I will be back in May only live 1hr away
  12. Good morning all I have been asked on several occassions to clear the odd fox as 1 off jobs, I currently use .17HMR but need to get a bit more distance and puch so I have asked the FEO for a .22-250. He has come back to me and agreed in principle however the catch is that I need to provide a farmers/land owners letter to say I have permission. Now the for the tricky bit the land owners concerned wont do this as it is one off jobs so I'm in a bit of a pickle can anybody advise or suggest any possible solutions. I have the chance of some good land to shoot over if I can do these 1 off jobs that have good potential to become regular permissions but without the right tool for the job i'm stuck. Look forward to your sensible replies ATB Brad
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